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Using the highest grade 100% natural cork

Natural ecological resources

Divestiture every 25 years is possible


Fits perfectly between fingers without slipping

Ultra light and thin, wear it all day without getting tired

Excellent grip when wet

Carbon Handle + Cork Knob

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Aluminum Handle + Cork Knob

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Titanium Handle + Cork Knob 

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Handle For Penn Battle | Slammer

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Carbon Handle + Cork Knob 75mm 

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Cork Knob T-bar 100mm

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Cork Knob 27mm

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Cork Knob 38mm

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How to care for cork products

*Due to the nature of the wood material, products made of natural cork are inevitably prone to cracks and wormholes.

*If the cork knob becomes dirty, do not clean it with alcohol or cleaner. It may burst or discolor. Wipe the mop with a tight squeeze.

*After wiping, dry it well in a well-ventilated place to prevent insect bites or mold.