This is a diagram of all the parts in Gomexus HX reel

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HX Parts No. Parts Name Retail Price
001 Left Plate Ball Bearing US$8.00
002 Cooling Shield Screw US$1.00
003 Cooling Shield US$1.00
004 Pressure Plate US$8.00
005 Drag Carbon Washer US$21.00
006 Drag Washer Screw US$1.00
007 Alert Washer US$1.00
010 Spool Ball Bearing US$7.00
011 Spool US$40.00
012 Alert Ratchet US$55.00
014 Handle Ball Bearing US$7.00
017 Spool Drive Gear(Slow) US$2.00
018 Main Shaft US$5.00
020 Spool Drive Gear(Fast) US$2.00
022 Left Side Plate Cover US$20.00
029 Drag Plate US$20.00
030 Frame Housing US$100(30W)
031 Right Plate Ball Bearing US$8.00
032 Pre-Program Screws US$2.50
033 Pre-Program Key US$2.50
034 Pre-Program Pin US$1.00
035 Lever Shaft Body US$7.00
045 Pin Cap US$2.00
046 Locator Shaft US$1.00
047 Locator US$2.00
050 E-shape Clip US$1.00
051 Dial Click Shoe US$1.00
052 Friction Shoe Spring US$1.00
053 Drag Knob US$3.50
054 Button Shield US$3.50
062 Button Plate US$3.50
063 Handle US$10.00
066 T-knob pin Tube US$5.00
067 Knob Ball Bearing A US$2.00
069 Knob US$10.00
070 Knob Ball Bearing B US$2.00
072 Ball Bearing Washer US$0.20
094 Alert Plunger US$2.50
096 Alert Socket US$2.50
097 Stand Seat Screws US$2.50
098 Stand Seat Nut US$2.50
099 Stand Seat Screws US$2.50
100 Stand Seat Plate US$5.00
103 Ball Bearing Cushion US$2.50
105 Right Side Plate Cover US$25.00
106 Drag Control Sound Nut US$2.50
108 Drag Control Lever US$5.00
109 Cover Screws US$1.00
110 Alert Socket Screws US$1.00

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