Gomexus LX50 reel parts

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HX Parts No. Parts Name Retail Price
001 Clicker pin US$1.00
002 Clicker E-Clip US$1.00
003 Body US$30.00
004 Pronunciation Base Seat US$5.00
005 Rod Mount Screw US$1.00
006 Rod Mount (clamp style) US$2.50
007 Gear Cover US$2.50
009 Cover US$10.00
013 Drive Gear US$15.00
014 Drive Shaft US$7.00
015 Ball Bearing A US$8.00
016 One-Way Bearing US$8.00
018 Bail Bearing B US$8.00
022 Nut US$2.50
022 Decorated Cover US$5.00
023 Lever-Arm US$8.00
026 Lever-Arm Screw US$2.50
029 Bail-Handle US$5.00
030 T-Shank Casing US$3.00
032 T-Handle Shoulder Shaft US$3.00
034 Spool Shaft US$7.00
035 Adjustment Knob Cover US$3.00
036 Adjustment Knob US$3.00
037 Cam Bearing US$5.00
038 Cam Cover US$3.00
039 Drag Cam US$1.00
040 Drag Lever US$5.00
041 Pronunciation Base US$1.00
042 Spool Bearing A US$5.00
043 Pinion US$7.00
044 Drag Positioning Washer A US$3.00
045 Drag Plate A US$18.00
046 Drag Plate B US$18.00
047 Drag Washer A US$12.00
049 Spool Bearing B US$5.00
051 Drag Washer B US$12.00
052 Drag Plate C US$18.00
053 Drag Plate D US$18.00
054 Drag positioning Washer B US$5.00
055 Clicker Gear US$5.00
057 Spool US$15.00
060 Lever-Arm US$5.00
061 Lever-Arm Washer C US$1.00
062 Lever-Arm Screw US$2.00

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