Gomexus Cyberbait CNC Metal Swimbait
Gomexus Cyberbait CNC Metal Swimbait
Gomexus Cyberbait CNC Metal Swimbait
Gomexus Cyberbait CNC Metal Swimbait
Gomexus Cyberbait CNC Metal Swimbait
Gomexus Cyberbait CNC Metal Swimbait
Gomexus Cyberbait CNC Metal Swimbait
Gomexus Cyberbait CNC Metal Swimbait
Gomexus Cyberbait CNC Metal Swimbait

Gomexus Cyberbait CNC Metal Swimbait

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The limited edition of 50 items has ended! The next batch of stock will arrive on April 15th, you can pre-order it first! Shipped in order of order!


This is the world's first CNC metal swimbait with an X-Stretch technology. Gomexus Cyberbait metal swimbait can sink slowly and deliver a natural life-like swimming action at any speed, bringing quicker bites.

  • Metal Swimbait】Metal design for extreme durability that will withstand extreme pressure for catching large fish.
  • Life-like Swimming ActionThis swimbait has incredibly realistic swimming action that is easily imparted with minimal effort from the angler. X-Stretch technology enables various movements.
  • 【Special Metal SoundThis CNC swimbait can continuously emit the fish sound waves while swimming to provoke the feeding urge of the fish and induce them to attack.
  • 【Ultra-sharp Trebles Hooks】The lures are equipped with exclusive custom fishing hooks, which feature anti-rust, high corrosion resistance, and superb piercing power.
  • Length: 240mm/9.45inches
Package included
  • 3-pack of rubber tails
  • 1-pack of replacement lip

The cyberbait set includes 3 rubber tails and 1 replacement lip. Free to disassemble. These accessories are also available separately. <Check tails and lip>


The first batch of stock is produced by our subsidiary VIX Custom in South Korea, so there is VIX Custom information on the packaging and products.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Potential, worth the money!

First, I have tested the Cyberbait on the water. I fished the bait for about 6 hours. I think the bait has a lot of potential given all the different options. One place the bait shines is in its ability to walk on the surface and sub-surface. The bil is a great thing to have, but it needs more versions.
Some flaws: The biggest issue I have is with so many combinations (bil in, bil out, 3 different tail angle settings, and 3 different tails) it can be very difficult to know what does what, and when you get it wrong, you risk snagging the bait or not catching the fish. The bil connection is not as tight as it should be, and there needs to be more than one bil. I found the included bil to dive quite deep and quite quickly for where I was that day. I also had trouble figuring out exactly what each tail did, but I think it had mostly to do with the depth control and walking action. The issue is that when I found a combination that was very good, if I changed it and then wanted to go back to the previous combination, it was quite hard to remember what that combo was.
Some important suggestions I have are to offer a couple different bils (wake, roll, shallow, deep) and label them. Label the tails for what they help with or do. Label the tail-angle position if possible. Create an in-depth, well-translated, write-up of how to use the bait and at least 5 different setting combinations in detail of action and rod/reel techniques. And please create some sort of illustration to help users with what settings do what as a quick-guide. This bait is too expensive to lose because of having to test it to get it where the fisherman needs, or just trying something new and learning the hard way what it does in certain combinations. I think you should offer different color tails as well (maybe that can be how the user knows what tail is what). I only have an unboxing review, but a swim-review is coming!

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Scott G

These lures are a lot bigger than I thought. They should be the perfect size for bass. I try them out this weekend.


The lure recreates the swimming action of real fish. Caught a large mouth bass on my second outting.

Looks like real fish swimming

They are very lifelike! Any fisherman would love these!

Todd Paul
great lures at a fair price

Super real lookin'. I have been looking for a lure like these.