Gomexus Reel Repair & Service 

  • 1 Year FREE exchanging for any issues except man-made damage.
  • 3 Years FREE Repair & Reel Service (Only in the U.S.).
  • Lifelong FREE parts for maintenance (not including shipping cost).

This warranty does not cover damage or malfunctions caused by accident, abuse, or normal expected wear. All shipping costs will be borne by you and are your responsibility (include sending back and sending out). We will repair or replace the product, at our option.

Bearings, drag washer and cleaning are NOT under warranty.

Repair service

There are 2 services for you: reel repair service and reel drill installation service:

1. For Reel Repair Service
  • What We Need From You:

1. Contact customerservice@gomexus.com to tell your issue, bring a video. And provide the order number of purchase from Amazon, Ebay and Website (For warranty consideration a dated proof of purchase must be sent before return the product).

2. If your Gomexus fishing reel needs to be repaired, we will complete Repair Form and sent this to repair store.

3. Provide your returning reel with TRACKING NUMBER (Please make sure you properly package and insure your reel. We recommend you send your reels to GOMEXUS via UPS so that the shipment can be tracked and we can verify receipt of your goods.)

  • Where to Send Your Reel

Tampa, FL  33614(Contact us to get detailed address) 

  • Reel Repair Pricing

1.Handling/Processing/Packaging/Diagnosis/Supplies Fixed fee = $10.00 per reel
2.Flat Labor rate = Based on model as listed below.
3.Parts = Per Consumer Price List (HX30/50/80, LS20, LX50, SX450)
4.Cleaning= $10.00 per reel
5.Shipping = Per UPS rates

  • Flat Labor Rate Pricing  
Model Cost
LS20, LX50, SX450 $30
HX30/50/80 $50
  • Parts & Service

Reels are completely disassembled, degreased but without cleaned, all parts are inspected, worn parts are replaced, reel is properly lubricated, reassembled and inspected for proper operation.

2. For Reel Installation Service

If you are not familiar with drilling fitment, we have drilling installation service for you. Here is the process: contact us through customerservice@gomexus.com, send the reel to Florida where we have partner who could do the installtion for you.

Rules of installation service:

1.You are responsible for the shipping fee, back and forth.

2.We will charge you $6 for each reel installation.


Shipping charges are based on the weight of the shipment, value of the shipment, destination and number of reels in the shipment.