• 2019

Gomexus introduces its first version CNC Aluminum alloy handle, it becomes the basic of most GOMEXUS handles.

View More: Baitcasting Reel Handle Aluminum BDH-A20



  • 2020

A Korean customer suggests the TPE material knobs for bass fishing, to provide fast and better grip.

View More: Baitcasting Reel Handle Aluminum BDH-A27

  • 2021

More unique materials applied on Gomexus handles: titanium handle, cork knob & color change knob

View More: Baitcasting Reel Handle Titanium TH-T22

View More: Reel Handle with Cork Knob

  • 2022

A new craft applied on the titanium handle called PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition). It provides the availability for more colors on titanium and make the handle can last longer.

To make the handle more textured, every part of the handle surface is polished. But due to the irregular shape, the entire polishing process can only be done by hand. It takes 60 minutes to complete this step. At present, there’re only 40 pcs/month titanium handles provided in the US market.

Why Gomexus applies titanium handle into swimbait fishing?

Thinner thickness bring more sensitivity but stronger than the aluminum handle.