2-Year Free Service Program

All new reels sold after 01/01/2024 are eligible for our two (2) year free service program. To receive this program you must be the original purchaser from an authorized Gomexus dealer and register your reel using the form below.

This plan offers annual, cost-free maintenance for two consecutive years. The scope of our services includes a thorough examination of every part and function of the reel, along with essential cleaning and internal lubrication. While our services cover labor, they do not extend to replacement parts or shipping costs. Rest assured, having your reel professionally maintained by our expert technicians is the ideal way to ensure its optimal performance.

We recommend securely packaging your reel in a sturdy box with ample padding before shipping. Prior to shipment, kindly complete and include the service form, which you can locate here. Please indicate any existing issues for our attention. You may leave your fishing line attached to the reel.


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