Method of placing the power knob on the spinning reel

Method of placing the power knob on the spinning reel

Having the power knob installed properly on the fishing reel is important and necessary. If the installation is not proper, the knob can come off at the worst possible times.

In this blog post, we are going to be looking at the method of installing a power knob on your reel. We’ll go over the steps in detail so that you can easily understand the process, and take care of it on your own.
But, before getting to the whole ‘how to’ stuff, we’re going to take a detour and look at what spinning reels and power knobs actually are. If you’re a rookie angler, you might find something new to learn.

What is a Power Knob?
The power knob is basically the grip that is attached to the reel handle. When an angler has to pull the game in, they grab the power knob to get a nice grip while reeling the line back on the spool.
Here, this is what a power knob looks like on a fishing reel:

See that round part with the golden inlays? That is the knob, which the angler grabs while winding the line after hooking a fish.
Power knobs are available in different shapes and sizes. In some reels, the reel handle has two knobs instead of one. These types of knobs are smaller, and they are easier to hold in a thumb-index finger grip.
On the other hand, some knobs (as shown in the image above) are bigger, and they are made to fit on reels with a one-ended reel handle.
The exact power knob that you should buy depends on the reel that you are looking to fit it on. For more information about selecting power knobs, you can check out this post.

What is a Spinning Reel?
A spinning reel is a type of reel that features a fixed spool on which the fishing line is wound and unwound using a rotating arm. The rotating arm can be engaged and disengaged by pressing a button on the reel.
When disengaged, the line flies off the spool at the casting motion of the angler. When engaged, the rotating arm winds the line back on the spool at the turning of the reel handle.
Another distinguishing feature of spinning reels is their open-face design, which allows anglers to see the spool and line clearly. These reels are installed on the bottom of the fishing rod and are generally considered to be great for beginners.
How to Install the Power Knob on the Spinning Reel – Step-by-Step Guide

Now that we know what spinning reels and power knobs are, let's move on to see how you can install a Gomexus power knob on a spinning reel. In this tutorial, we will be looking at the A20 power knob in particular. However, the installation is more or less the same regardless of which knob you’re using so you don’t have to worry if your model is a little different.
We'll divide the tutorial into two main steps i.e., the removal of the old knob and the installation of the new one.
Step Number 1: Remove the Original Power Knob
The first thing that you’ll need to do is remove the original knob from your spinning reel. The steps for doing that are as follows:
1.Pop out or unscrew the lid on the top of the knob. In some knobs, the cap will have screws and you will have to remove them before popping it out. In other models, you can simply wedge your nail in the gap or use a coin etc. to lever the cap out.

2.Unscrew the screw inside the knob with the help of a screwdriver. You will be able to see the screw inside easily. You can use a flashlight if it is not very visible. Depending on the knob you’re dealing with, the screw head could be a standard Philips, Torx or Polydrive.

3.After loosening the screw, tip it out and place it somewhere safe. You will need it again when installing the new power knob.

Step Number 2: Install the Gomexus Power Knob
1.Once the screw has been safely stored and the original knob is off the shaft, you can go ahead and open your Gomexus power knob packaging. There will be different small washers and bearings in the package. So, be a little careful not to lose any one of them.

2.You will have to take the new power knob and remove the cap. This will be like you did with the original one in the first step. Depending on the knob you’re working with, you may need to unscrew it instead of just popping it up.

3.After removing the lid, take one of the bearings and slide it down the reel shaft.

4.After the first bearing, you will have to add two washers on top of it, followed by the second bearing.

5.Once the two bearings and washers are in place, you will have to put the knob right on top of them.

6.Then, after the knob is on the shaft, put a bearing through the screw (refer to step number three). Then, place them both in the hole at the top.

7.Tighten the screw and put the lid back on. If there is a waterproof ring included in the packet, you will have to put that around the lid itself. And that’s it!

Installing a power knob on a Gomexus spinning reel is fairly easy. As you can see in the tutorial above, the process only requires a couple of basic tools.
With the power knob, you also get an instruction manual that you can refer to if you find the installation process hard. The exact number and arrangement of bearings and washers can also be checked from there.
If you are using a Daiwa reel, the process will be a little bit different. You will have to use bushings instead of washers during the installation part.