Best Reel And Gomexus Power Handle Combinations

Best Reel And Gomexus Power Handle Combinations

The best reel and Gomexus power handle combination, without a doubt, deliver the best performance.

It will also mean the best service delivery at a desirable price. The task of deciding what combinations guarantee the best and all-around fishing rod might not be an easy one. Therefore, we have checked through some of the best power-handle combinations for you to make your decision hassle-free. We are happy to point out that these pro-handle combinations will deliver, without breaking the bank.

The Best Reel and Gomexus Power Handle Combinations

Below are the top 6 reel and reel power handle combinations for 2023

Power Handle Combo for Penn Spinfisher and Slammer Vi
  • Power Handle Combo for Penn Spinfisher and Slammer Vi

Established in 1932, the PENN Fishing Tackle Company has been at the forefront of modern reel design and production. The brand products are used by millions of experienced anglers around the world.

If you are looking for a perfect handle for your Penn Spinfisher and Slammer Vi, then you cannot go wrong with Gomexus handles. The power-handle combo is designed for serious performance thanks to the innovative design it embodies. This is an entirely new design, dwarfing its predecessors. It is longer than previous generations, yet rigid enough to offer more torque power. It will also take 10 seconds to install and with its round aluminum knob, a waterproofing feature, and collapsible handle options, it guarantees top performance. The slammer/spin fisher handle is available in several styles, starting from 2500–4500-reel size, 5500-6500, 7500-8500, and 9500-10500. The corresponding length, knob diameter, and weights will also vary with respect to the reel size. All handles are made of excellent and standard material to maintain quality across the reel style.

The benefits of 2 combinations:

  1. Fast to install, taking only 10 seconds.
  2. It is weatherproof.
  3. Comes with collapsible handle options.
Power Handle Combination for Daiwa Bg Mq
  • Power Handle Combination for Daiwa Bg Mq

Daiwa is a top brand in the fishing space. Unbelievably, buying a product from Daiwa guarantees top performance over a long time. There is no compromise on quality and durability when it comes to their power handles. This double-spinning reel handle gives more balance to your reel and guarantees better control of your bait.

If you want to experience nothing but the best then pair Daiwa Bg Mq with the Gomexus power handle combination. The handle has been designed to meet the needs of the veteran and novice fisher. The knob is made of aluminum and incorporates a plug&play handle that takes only 10 seconds to install. The available reel sizes include 2500-4000, 5000-6000, 8000-14000, and 18000-20000.

The benefits of 2 combinations:

  1. Comfortable to handle and gives better control of bait.
  2. Excellent quality and design.
  3. It is weatherproof.
Reel Handle Combination For 22 Stella Fk
  • Reel Handle Combination For 22 Stella Fk

Stella Fk by Shimano is a classic definition of innovation. Aimed at enriching angler performance, Shimano reel technology simply remains unparalleled. This revolutionary drag system delivers smooth performance by combining spool and rotor innovations with Shimano technology.  

If you are looking for a perfect handle for Stella Fk, then Gomexus handle for Stella Fk. Enjoy stronger stability and conductivity with this reel handle combination for 22 Stella fk. It is made of ultra-thin titanium to guarantee longevity yet weighs barely 6.8g for ease of use. It is comfortable to handle and with its one-body CNC aluminum build, this handle is a sure workhorse. This is a double-handle reel available are 98mm and 82mm in Gomexus fishing reel combination length styles. It is not giving an excellent grip but also offers all the added strength required by the seasoned fisher.

The benefits of 2 combinations:

  1. Reduced shaking and more stable to hold.
  2. Ultra-thin and light titanium design.
  3. Durable

Combination Of Reel Handles with TPE Knobs For Abu Garcia, Lew's, Penn
  • Combination Of Reel Handles with TPE Knobs For Abu Garcia, Lew's, Penn

Established in 1921, the influence of Abu Garcia products in the fishing community simply remains unmatched. The precision fishing reels developed by the brand are used by anglers all over the world. if you are on the lookout for a perfect handle to match your Abu Garcia reel’s precision, then check out Gomexus reel handles.  

The highly versatile combination of reel handles with TPE Knobs is made to offer the much-needed convenience of a 3-in-one piece. It is compatible with Penn's 8x5mm, Lew's 8x5mm, and Abu Garcia's 8x5mm. This ergonomic model is not only compact but also lightweight. It is made for universal use and will certainly meet your diverse needs as a fisher. This handle has a large and flat knob that is ergonomically shaped to give a firm grip when fishing. This also helps avoid slips associated with round knobs. It also takes less than 2 seconds to install the handle thereby never compromising on your timeliness when fishing.

The benefits of 2 combinations:

  1. More stable and firm to hold.
  2. Easy to install, saving you time.
  3. Its Japanese NMB bearings are sensitive to bait action underwater.
Combination Of Reel Handle with TPE Knob For 13 Fishing
  • Combination Of Reel Handle with TPE Knob For 13 Fishing

Founded in 2010, 13 Fishing is dedicated to designing products that anglers want. They have an immense passion for the craft which is evident from the innovative reel designs they offer. Every rod that they have designed from high-end Archangel to Muse Gold has been carefully designed for performance, aesthetics, and balance.   

If you have been searching for a sensitive, all-rounded, and sturdy combination of the reel handle for your 13 Fishing reel, then look no more. This combination reel handle with its thick center provides a solid cranking. It features Japanese NMB bearings that are sensitive to the slightest bait movement underwater. Also comes with a TPE surface for a tight and comfortable grip. This reel handle is compatible with 13 Fishing reel size styles. It is perfectly fitting on a compatible reel and will take barely 2 minutes to install. It comes with power knobs that give the fisher full control during the action.

The benefits of 2 combinations:

  1. Easy installation.
  2. Solid and comfortable grip.
  3. Sturdy and long-lasting.
Power Handle Combo for Abu Ambassador C3 C4
  • Power Handle Combo for Abu Ambassador C3 C4

Abu Garcia offers the lightest and most advanced line of reels to date. Engineered to deliver ultimate sensitivity and performance, the brand has come a long way in sports fishing. Modern materials and minimalist design make the offerings of this brand stand out despite immense competition in the market.  

The Gomexus Power Handle Combo for Abu Ambassador C3 C4 delivers impressive performance for the price proposition. It combines proven strength and engineering to bring out a top-notch reel power handle combo to meet the needs of the most demanding angler. The combo is waterproof and can withstand the elements such as salty seawater and fish mucus. Enviable design features include a drip hole, a large power knob, a high-performance counterbalance, and additional pieces such as screws, nuts, and plates.

The benefits of 2 combinations:

  1. It is waterproof.
  2. Excellent cranking power.
  3. Comfortable and firm grip.


Just like any fisher, you might not have or even afford to carry or keep a specific rod and reel for all the fish species you can encounter or the diverse fishing methods applicable with respect to the setting. You will need a reel and reel power handle combo that is versatile and practicable. This will mean the capability to work in as many settings and fishing conditions as possible. The above-listed Gomexus fishing reel combination is ideal for a novice and will also meet the expectations of the seasoned veteran. The key features to look out for when considering the best combo include quality and durability. The brand is also a factor that cannot be sidelined when considering the best reel and reel power handle combo.