Holiday Gift Guide:Under $50 list of high-performance precision fishing gear

Holiday Gift Guide:Under $50 list of high-performance precision fishing gear

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your beloved fishing enthusiasts? The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to put a smile on your loved one’s face.
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In this Gomexus Holiday gift guide, we will tell you some of the best high-performance precision fishing gear under $50. So, let’s get started!

1. Gomexus Carbon Baitcasting Reel Handle with Cork Knob LC-CA38

Gomexus Carbon Baitcasting Reel Handle with Cork Knob LC-CA38

Keywords: Carbon, Lightweight and strong, Comfortable grip
Product Features
1. Handles are made of Toray carbon filter
2. 75mm ergonomic round knob
3. 8x5mm shaft size
Product Description
For the angler on a budget, Gomexus has come through with an affordable line-up of reel handles that deliver the performance and quality you expect from higher-priced models. The Gomexus precision fishing gear LC-CA38 Carbon Baitcasting Reel Handle with Cork Knob is a great example of this great deal.
Firstly, it is equipped with a durable round knob and constructed with carbon fiber. As a result, this reel offers superior strength, performance, and weight management. The click is firm and responsive, which helps keep it lined tight to the rod tip.
Overall, Gomexus LC-CA38 is simply lightweight and strong and has a comfortable grip.

2.Gomexus Cork Reel Power Knob 38mm CA38

Gomexus Cork Reel Power Knob 38mm CA38


Keywords: Comfortable grip, lightweight, suitable for winter fishing
Product Features
1. Classic round shape
2. Material: softwood
3. 38mm reel power knob
Product Description
Enjoy the best fishing experience with Gomexus cork reel?power knob?CA38. The turnable knob is designed to fit snugly in a wide range of handle materials and sizes, including solid cork, graphite, and plastic handle.
The 6000-lb. tensile strength and energy-absorbing grip of this cork power knob design make it ideal for bow-fishing or fly fishing with light lines.
Additionally, its softwood material ensures a comfortable grip to use in hot or cold weather even during winter fishing.

3. Gomexus Cap

Gomexus Cap
Keywords: breathing hole design, adjustable, a fitted design
Product Features
1. Adjustable buckle closure
2. Material: Premium cotton
3. Breathing hole design
Product Description
Make a solid impression by dressing up your outdoor gear with this Gomexus cap - the perfect gift for your husband, father, brother, or friend who loves fishing.
The Gomexus cap has bright colors perfect for wearing when fishing or even for everyday use.
It is made of high-performance fabric to offer the best protection for your head, neck, and face. Moreover, the Gomexus cap has an adjustable strap for a perfect fit.
Besides, the built-in ventilation area allows you to have both full vision and clear air from the inside.

4. Gomexus Fish Ruler

Gomexus Fish Ruler
Keywords: foldable, easy to read
Product Features
1. Measures up to 32 inches
2. The base records of South Korea, the United States, and Japan are displayed on the board.
3. Foldable fish ruler
Product Description
Gomexus Fish Ruler is the best fishing ruler on the market. It stands up as 0 scale line, 32‘’ scale, which can almost meet the length of most bass. Packed with amazing features, this fish ruler records your catches accurately!
Also, this precision gauge is easy to read, and the Velcro is convenient for storage and carrying on your trouser belt or backpack. Gomexus fish ruler is the perfect gift under $50 for any fish lover around you and can be given on any occasion be it a birthday, Christmas, or an anniversary.

5. Gomexus Power Cord GC270 GC500

Gomexus Power Cord GC270 GC500
Keywords: protective cover, high-quality copper
Product Features
1. Length 270cm/ 500cm
2. Double connectors made of top-quality copper
3. Plastic protective cover
Product Description
If you’re looking for a heavy-duty gear that is both versatile and stylish, check out Gomexus Power Cord GC270/500 Series. The cord is made with high-quality copper that promotes conductivity and prevents corrosion during saltwater fishing.
Gomexus Power Cord GC270 GC500 features an ultra-slim design that minimizes bulk when you’re going fishing. It also includes a unique structure at the junction between the wire and gripper mouth ensuring there are no loose parts even after extended use.
The distinct separation of the two wires reduces the risk of wire breaking. Additionally, this item features a plastic protective cover on the surface of the wire to prevent damage and rust.
Gomexus Power Cord GC270 GC500 is compatible with Daiwa electric reels (150-400) Hyper Tanacom, Seaborg, and Magmax Series. It is also compatible with Shimano electric reels (1000-3000) BeastMaster and ForceMaster series.

6.Gomexus Titanium Reel Stand 44mm TR6

Gomexus Titanium Reel Stand 44mm TR6
Keywords: titanium reel stand, foldable, resistant to seawater
Product Features
1. Easy to install
2. Foldable design
3. Made of titanium
Product Description
Lightweight and compact, Gomexus Titanium Reel Stand is the perfect companion for your fishing tackle. With its 44mm size, it fits any reel without a problem including the Shimano Stella Daiwa Exist 2500-5000. The included robust base will not rust, even in salty water, and makes your stand durable.
Made of titanium stands the reels are corrosion-resistant and prevent them from making direct contact with the ground. Furthermore, the reel stand is flexible thanks to the foldable shape, making it simple to store in fishing reel storage bags.
The Gomexus Titanium Reel Stand is a premium gift for anglers, fishermen, and sports enthusiasts who are looking for something that shows off their gear’s beauty and adds style to it.

7.Gomexus DIY Aluminum Star Drag

Gomexus DIY Aluminum Star Drag
Keywords: ultra-light, rich colors, hexagonal shape
Product Features
1. Hexagonal design
2. Ultra-light
3. Size: 65mm
Product Description
A fundamental component of any fishing outfit, Gomexus' aluminum star drag is designed to provide you with a positive hook setting while also preventing snags. The redesigned Gomexus 65mm star drag for Daiwa is built of aero aluminum, hence, making it easier and quicker for your fingers to adjust.
In addition, it is easy to install and comes with a stylish appearance and bright colors to make your reels look unique.
Besides, this star drag is ultra-light, so your reel will be modified without adding extra weight.

8.Gomexus Aluminum BDH Nuts

Gomexus Aluminum BDH Nuts
Keywords: water resistance, high strength
Product Features
1. Material: Aluminum bronze
2. Shaft size: 7x4mm
3. High strength and wear resistance
Product Description
Have a friend who loves to fish? Give them the gift of confidence with Gomexus Aluminum BDH Nuts. With a half-turn precision design, these high-performance precision fishing gear create an experience that lets people catch fish effortlessly.
Gomexus Aluminum BDH Nuts have been modified to perform with extreme precision in every fishing situation and are perfect for adding to your fishing tackle box. They have high-grade aluminum construction with a thick wall, so they can withstand frequent impact without bending or dent.
Furthermore, this product is highly resistant to high-temperature corrosion, oxidation, and corrosion from the atmosphere, seawater, or fresh water.