6 parts to upgrade the fishing rod to a professional fishing rod

6 parts to upgrade the fishing rod to a professional fishing rod

Love fishing and want to own the best fishing gear? Have you ever considered upgrading your fishing rod? You may own the best fishing rod available in the market but without tweaking it to your style and requirements, you can never have a competitive edge.
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Whenever you upgrade a rod, it will elevate your gear to the next level. With this, your previous perks remain unchanged but you will receive a new random perk in addition to the previous features.  

There are several things you can upgrade in your tackle box. The lure is the basic thing you can work on and it also depends on the perks you are looking for. The fishing line socket also determines how strong your game is. If the line is too weak, you may end up losing the fishway before you catch it. This is where upgrading your fishing rod makes sense.  

Upgrade List

Gomexus is a reputed fishing gear and accessory brand. If you own this gear, then here are a few perks you can consider for your Gomexus Fishing rod upgrade.  

  • Fishing Reel
  • Fishing Line
  • Swing Arm
  • Handle
  • Reel Stand
  • Star Drag

How to upgrade and the benefits of upgrading the above 6 parts separately

Gomexus fishing rods are easier to upgrade. The brand specializes in high-quality fishing reel accessories thereby improving your grip and optimizing your fishing reel performance. They have the widest range of fishing reel knobs and handles to enhance your overall fishing appearance.  

How to upgrade and the benefits of upgrading the above 6 parts separately

Fishing Reel

The fishing reel should be the first item to upgrade on your list of fishing equipment. There are numerous designs available based on every fishing style. Spinning reels are ideal for first-time anglers and then you can switch to baitcasting reels. The reel connects to the hook with the two arms referred to as the guides. While fishing you can hold the guides in place while reeling.    

Fishing Line

The fishing line comes in various materials and diameters. The braided lines are thin and highly durable while the monofilament lines are buoyant and have a stretchable quality. Upgrading your fishing line will give you a better advantage while fishing.   

Swing Arm

A swing arm is a crucial component of carp fishing gear that can be attached to bite alarms for increased bite indication. The swing arm exerts pressure on the line and is quite similar to bobbins used for carp fishing and performs a similar function. Swing arms are a little more accurate as they don’t get to be affected by crosswinds as such as bobbins do. Upgrading is again a lot easier as is in the case of Gomexus accessories. Like most of the swing arms, the Gomexus accessories too feature the same style of connectors such as the bobbins.


Gomexus started designing power handles separately thereby allowing the anglers to customize their design. There is no need for any complex installation if you want to upgrade the handle. The feature is more like plug-and-play and would appeal to many. The process is simple and doesn’t require taking apart any components. All you need to do is unscrew the existing handle and put the new shiny handle on.  

Reel Stand

Gomexus offers a range of reels that prevents you from touching the ground. This helps avoid scratches to the surfaces thereby ensuring the longevity of your reels. These also serve as a great balance for double-handle reels. You can purchase the reel stand from the official website to fit your reel handles and knobs.    

Star Drag

The Gomexus star drag upgrade allows your fingers to adjust more quickly and easily. Featuring a hexagonal design, the star drag would make a perfect addition to your reel thereby lowering the weight at the same time. Available in rich colors and a stylish appearance, the star drag would make a wonderful addition to your baitcasting reels thereby rendering your reel special and unique.   

The benefits of upgrading

If you are serious about becoming a successful angler, then investing in quality fishing gear and upgrades is a must. This will not just help you catch more fish but will help you have a great time on the water. Here is why you need to consider upgrading to a professional fishing rod.  

The benefits of upgrading

  • Reeling in fish is a breeze

One of the reasons why anglers prefer upgrading their fishing rod is to boost their chances of success. When you upgrade your rod, your rod is more sensitive and it makes it easier for you to catch a game.

  • The rod has greater sensitivity

Whenever you upgrade to a quality fishing rod, you can feel when a fish strikes thereby giving you a greater chance of reeling when compared to an ordinary rod. Custom designs are the best as you can tweak the sensitivity as per your needs.

  • They are more durable

Another reason why you need to upgrade it is that the fishing gear will provide you with years of service. As they are tweaked to your style of fishing, you will have a better experience using custom rods.

  • Customize the rod’s appearance

Customization allows you to render a personal touch to your fishing equipment. There are plenty of decorative designs and quality upgrades available that will help you design a fishing rod that is unique and caters to your special requirements.   


You are sure to have more fun when you opt for a high-quality fishing rod. Spending a little extra on your rod with upgrades will go a long way in ensuring your fishing success. You will have a great chance of reeling in the fish you are aiming for with less time fidgeting. Improve your catch and success each time you step out of your home with your rod with professional fishing rod upgrades. Gomexus fishing gear conversion is sure to take your game to the next level along with promising a great time.