Benefits of daiwa bg mq reel upgrade gomeuxs lbg63 handle

Benefits of daiwa bg reel upgrade gomexus lbg63 handle

In the world of fishing, using high-quality and durable fishing reels is essential. a daiwa bg reel upgrade with the gomexus lbg63 handle is one of the top choices for serious anglers who want to enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable fishing experience.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of this reel upgrade and why it is worth investing in.

1、Comfortable and Ergonomic Design

The Gomexus LBG63 handle is designed with the angler's comfort in mind. It is longer than most handles, allowing you to exert more torque when reeling in your catch. The handle is shaped with a tapered knob, which fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, preventing any strain or fatigue, even during extended fishing hours. Besides, the handle is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it durable and corrosion-resistant.

2、Smooth and Powerful Drag System

The Daiwa BG reel comes with an advanced drag system that ensures smooth and consistent performance every time you use it. The updated system reduces the number of contact points between the spool and the bracket, leading to higher efficiency and a smoother drag. The Gomexus LBG63 handle complements this drag system, as the longer handle allows for a higher degree of control over the drag's setting. This means that you can easily adjust the drag based on the size and weight of the fish you are targeting, resulting in better performance and a higher chance of success.

3、Increased Line Capacity

One of the main benefits of using the Daiwa BG reel upgrade with the Gomexus LBG63 handle is that it offers increased line capacity. The spool design allows for a higher line capacity compared to other conventional spools of similar size. This means that you can carry more fishing line on your reel, making it easier to fish in deeper waters or target larger species of fish.

4、Lightweight and Durable

The Daiwa BG reel is known for its lightweight but robust construction. The addition of the Gomexus LBG63 handle further enhances this durability. The handle is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is lightweight yet sturdy, making it resistant to damage from water, salt, and other elements commonly encountered in the fishing environment. This lightweight construction also makes it easier to handle, reducing fatigue and making it easier to cast and retrieve.

5、Increased Casting Distance

The Gomexus LBG63 handle is uniquely designed to provide maximum control and power when casting your line. The longer handle allows you to exert more force when casting, which translates into greater casting distance. Additionally, the tapered knob design ensures a comfortable grip during casting, making it easier to hold the handle for extended periods.


The Daiwa BG reel upgrade with the Gomexus LBG63 handle is suitable for a range of fishing styles, making it an ideal choice for anglers who like to switch up their approach. The reel's smooth drag system and increased line capacity make it great for deep-sea fishing, while the improved casting distance allows for greater control when targeting smaller species. Additionally, the lightweight and durable construction of the reel make it ideal for kayak fishing or fishing from a boat.


In conclusion, the benefits of investing in a Daiwa BG reel upgrade with the Gomexus LBG63 handle cannot be overstated. The combination of a smooth and powerful drag system, increased line capacity, comfortable and ergonomic design, and lightweight yet durable construction make this reel upgrade one of the top choices for serious anglers. Whether you are a novice or an expert angler, upgrading your fishing reel to a Daiwa BG with the Gomexus LBG63 handle will undoubtedly improve your fishing experience. The benefits of this upgrade make it worth the investment, and you are guaranteed to enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable fishing experience.