Upgrade Your Fishing Reels with Shimano TLD Power Handles - The Ultimate Performance Boost

Upgrade Your Fishing Reels with Shimano TLD Power Handles - The Ultimate Performance Boost

For avid anglers and fishing enthusiasts, having the right gear can make all the difference in landing that trophy fish.

One of the most important pieces of equipment is the fishing reel, which needs to be durable, smooth, and powerful enough to handle big fish. If you're looking to upgrade your reel for better performance, installing a Shimano TLD power handle is an excellent modification that can really boost your reeling power and control.

The Benefits of Shimano TLD Power Handles

Shimano TLD power handles are specially designed to replace the stock handle on Shimano TLD 2-speed and single speed reels. They provide a number of advantages:

Increased Reeling Power

The Shimano TLD power handle gives you a mechanical advantage with its larger, longer design and comfortable grip. The handle arm is drastically longer than stock TLD handles, giving you more torque and leverage to battle big powerful fish. Even when fighting fish that make powerful runs, the TLD power handle gives you the strength and pumping power needed to quickly regain line.

Larger Grip

The TLD power handle has a oversized grip that remains comfortable even when fighting fish for extended periods. The ergonomic design provides excellent grip and reduces hand fatigue. No more cramped hands after long fights!

Durable Construction

Shimano TLD power handles are made of solid aluminum that is anodized for corrosion resistance. The grip is made of durable aluminum alloy that provides cushioning and won't tear or wear out. Only quality materials are used that will stand up to saltwater use and years of hard fighting action.

Customizable Handle Length

One of the best features of the Shimano TLD power handle is its adjustable length. You can fine tune the length to fit your fishing style, preference and hand size. Whether you need short powerful strokes or more cranking leverage, you can increase or decrease the length. More customization equals more efficient fishing.

Easy Installation

Putting a Shimano power handle on your TLD reel is simple. It directly replaces the stock handle using the same reel foot. No modifications or machine work needed - just remove the stock handle and bolt on the new TLD power handle. Detailed instructions are included for quick installation.

Choosing the Right TLD Power Handle

Shimano makes TLD power handles for both right and left handed retrieval. So the first step is picking the handle suited for your reeling orientation. Next, consider the length you want...

The TLD 25 is the shortest at 5.4". It provides the most power and torque for really working fish. The mid-length TLD 30 measures 6" and has a little more cranking leverage. For maximum pull power, there is the TLD 40 at 8". Determine if you need sheer strength or more spinning comfort and pick accordingly.

You'll also need to match the power handle to your specific Shimano TLD reel model. Choose from handles that fit the TLD 15, 20, 25 and 30 size reels. Make sure to select the correct power handle for your reel to ensure proper installation.

Once you decide on hand orientation and length, you can confidently choose the Shimano TLD power handle that will optimize your reel's performance.

Installing the Power Handle on Your TLD Reel

Putting on the new TLD power handle takes just a few minutes. Here are the simple installation steps:

  1. Remove the existing handle knob by unscrewing it counter-clockwise. The handle sleeve should slide off the reel shaft.
  2. Use a wrench or pliers to loosen and remove the nut holding the stock handle on. Detach the stock handle.
  3. Slide the new power handle onto the reel shaft. Align it properly for right or left hand operation.
  4. Replace the nut and tighten it using pliers or a wrench. Check that the handle spins smoothly.
  5. Put the grip handle knob on the end and tighten it down securely.

Once the power handle is installed, do a quick test to ensure it spins smoothly without wobbling. And that's it - you just upgraded your TLD reel to get more cranking power!

Fishing With More Power and Control

Your fishing performance will immediately benefit from installing a Shimano TLD power handle. The ability to pump and battle fish with more strength means you'll lose fewer fish after they're hooked.

Reeling in powerful fish like tuna, kingfish and marlin becomes much easier. Long powerful runs can't strip your line as quickly. When hooked fish suddenly turn and charge towards you, the leverage of the TLD handle lets you reel in line fast to stay tight.

The TLD power handle also helps with reeling efficiency. The longer stroke length picks up more line with each turn. When you finally get that fish-of-a-lifetime to the boat, you'll have the upper hand to control it and land it.

In addition to big game fish, a power handle improves your experience fishing for smaller species. Reeling in panfish, trout and bass requires less effort. You'll enjoy your fishing day even more with an easy-to-control, smooth spinning reel.

Keep Your Gear In Peak Shape

To keep your TLD reel and power handle performing at their best:

  • Rinse the reel and handle with freshwater after saltwater trips
  • Disassemble and clean the reel periodically
  • Lubricate the handle shaft, bearings and gears
  • Check for loose nuts/bolts on the handle
  • Replace the grip if it shows significant wear

By taking care of your equipment, your Shimano TLD power handle will deliver top cranking power for many seasons. Proper maintenance also ensures the reel and handle continue operating smoothly.

Get The Most From Your Fishing Reels

Installing a Shimano TLD power handle is one of the best upgrades you can make to boost the performance of your fishing reel. The power, leverage and torque it provides will help you land more fish and enjoy your fishing adventures even more. If your TLD reel is in need of more cranking control, upgrade it today with a durable high-quality TLD power handle.