Gomexus Aluminum Reel Power Knob 30mm A30
Gomexus Aluminum Reel Power Knob 30mm A30
Gomexus Aluminum Reel Power Knob 30mm A30
Gomexus Aluminum Reel Power Knob 30mm A30
Gomexus Aluminum Reel Power Knob 30mm A30
Gomexus Aluminum Reel Power Knob 30mm A30

Gomexus Aluminum Reel Power Knob 30mm A30

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This Gomexus power knob is machined out of one-body aluminum and is designed for an ergonomic grip that reduces fatigue during fighting stripers. The round knob is easy to hold, making the battle more stable and easier. 

  • Perfect for fighting with big fish
  • Drainage design
  • Easy to install

*NOTE: Knobs come in 1 piece, so if you want to buy 2, please order 2.

Gomexus aluminum knob 30mm
Gomexus knob
power knobCompatible Model
Reel Brand      Reel Size (A-Z)


Curado DC
    Exsence 3000 4000
    Miravel 1000-5000
    Nasci FC 1000-5000
    Sahara FI 1000-5000
    Sedona FI 1000-4000
    Spheros SW 3000 4000
    Stradic FL 1000-5000
    Stradic Ci4/FK 1000-4000
    Stella FJ 1000-5000
    Stella FK 1000-5000
    Sustain FI/FJ 2500-5000
    Twin Power 2000-2500HG
    Ultegra FB 1000-5000
    Vanford 1000-5000


Ballistic LT 1000-6000
    BG MQ 2500-5000
    Certate LT 2500-5000
    16 Certate HD 2500-4000
    Exist LT 2000-5000
    Fuego LT 1000-4000
    Kage LT 1000-2500
    Kage MQ LT 1000-4000
    Legalis LT 1000-6000
    Luvias LT 1000-4000 
    Procoyon MQ LT 4000
    Regal LT 1000-3000
    Saltist 2500-4500
    Saltist Back Bay 3000 4000
    Tatula LT 1000-4000
    TD Black MQ

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Love the knob. Looks really good on my Stella c3000xg paired with shimano ultima 7’ medium power. Would like to see a variety of this knob in different colors and in carbon fiber. Silver would be nice too.


Installed on Shimano Ultegra 3000XG. First of all, I am satisfied with both the design and the shape and color. Although it is exquisite, other species are a little different. At a glance. I thought it would be a little small, but when I used it, it wasn't like that and the rolled food was very pleasant. Immediately, I was able to fish smoothly for a 54cm long flatfish.

Sonny Ramos

Awesome product all around .
The material is extremely lite and tough . The shape and size matched perfectly to the Shimano 3000 size reels . I bought one then a week later I ordered my second one . The shipping is fast and free . I would buy few more . I highly recommend this product .

Great product

Though I'd give gomexus a try got this knob for my 2500 schimano Nasci and it's great light weight and smooth thank you gomexus

Thanks for your wonderful review! ❤️

Mr Keith Tozzi
power knob 30

Awesome is all I need to say. Gomexus knobs are of the highest quality and the bearings are smooth as silk. They spin for days. I have Gomexus knobs on all my reels. I need them as I have no catilage in my thumb joint and I need somethig round to hold on to. So glad I saw they had this smaller 30mm knob as it fits well with my ultrlight reel. Thanks Gomexus.

Thanks for your wonderful review! ❤️