Gomexus Tuna Reel Summer Sale

Gomexus Tuna Reel Summer Sale

Summer is here and it's time to hit the open waters in search of trophy tuna! To help anglers land more fish this season, Gomexus is offering incredible deals on their most popular tuna reels during their 2023 Summer Sale event.

These heavy duty reels are perfect for battling big yellowfin, bluefin, and giant tuna. With smooth drags, strong gears, and tons of line capacity, Gomexus reels have the power and reliability discerning anglers demand when targeting large pelagics.

Overview of Gomexus Tuna Reels

Gomexus has earned a reputation among seasoned tuna anglers for building reels that can handle the blistering runs and brute strength of tuna up to 300lb and larger. Our innovative designs focus on smoothness, strength, capacity, and harnessing the force of hard fighting tunas.

Key features that set Gomexus tuna reels apart include:

  • Solid one-piece aluminum or graphite frames and sideplates
  • Powerful direct drive gears for instant anti-reverse and unmatched cranking torque
  • Line capacities from 200 yards of 80lb to 850 yards of 30lb test
  • Sealed gear boxes that keep out saltwater and debris
  • Machined aluminum or stainless steel components throughout
  • Options for electric or manual cranking with powerful leverage

From standup tackle designed for chunking and casting to harnesses and chairs for trolling, Gomexus builds reels suitable for every tuna fishing application.

Top Models in the Summer Sale

The 2023 Summer Sale includes big discounts on these popular Gomexus tuna reels:

Gomexus Saltwater Trolling Reel HX30 HX50 HX80

  • Max drags 97lbs
  • Lightweight aluminum frame and sideplates
  • Huge line capacity
  • Retail Price: $499.95; Summer event sale price: $449.95

Gomexus Saltwater Trolling Reel RA600D

  • Made for standup tackle and chunking/casting to tuna
  • Machined aluminum frame and sideplate
  • Max drag 85lbs.
  • One-touch 2-speed shift
  • Carbon fiber resistance
  • Retail Price: $279.95; Summer event sale price: $251.95

    Unbeatable Performance and Reliability for Tuna

    The Gomexus tuna reels on sale are built using only the highest quality materials and components. Machined aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon fiber parts create reels that can withstand the most extreme pressures of fighting powerful tuna. Superior carbon fiber drag systems run silky smooth yet offer the stopping power needed when monster tuna make blistering runs.

    Sealed gear mechanisms provide long lasting durability even when subjected to saltwater again and again. From harness lugs and roller guides to the fine details of every part, Gomexus reels are engineered for the singular purpose of landing giant tuna.

    When targeting tuna, there's no room for gear failure. Gomexus tuna reels give anglers the advantage they need for stopping hard charging fish in their tracks. Their tuna reels offer unmatched strength, smoothness, and reliability.

    Limited Time Sale Prices

    For a limited time this summer, Gomexus is offering tuna anglers steep discounts on their most sought after reels. Now is the time to grab a new tuna reel for a fraction of the standard cost. Take advantage of sale prices from $161.95 to $449.95 on reels normally priced from $179.95 to $499.95.

    Don't miss the opportunity to upgrade to a high performance Gomexus tuna reel with huge savings. The Summer Sale won't last for long.

    Where to Buy Gomexus Tuna Reels on Sale

    The Gomexus Summer Sale is happening now on their official website at Gomexus.com. Shop the sale section to find all discounted tuna reels and accessories.

    Gomexus reels can also be found at local tackle shops and retailers like Pacific Outfitters, Fisherman's Source, and more. Be sure to call ahead to check current inventory and sale pricing before visiting your local retailer.

    Take advantage of the savings while they last and order your new Gomexus tuna reel today! The summer tuna bite will be here before you know it.