Clarity as Glass: Gomexus Fishing Sunglasses

Clarity as Glass: Gomexus Fishing Sunglasses

Driven by user value, we strive to offer excellent, affordable products. Responding to user demand for fishing and outdoor sunglasses, we found that market offerings vary widely in quality and materials, with pricey professional options carrying risks of breakage, scratches, or loss. So, we're developing a professional fishing sunglass that performs well in all outdoor conditions. Focusing on user value, we'll seek the best materials and manufacturing processes to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness. We believe this sunglass will be the perfect choice for fishing and outdoor enthusiasts.

When buying new sunglasses, you may ask: Do I need polarized lenses? Absolutely you need it! Polarization isn’t free. Polarized lenses promptly enhance vision by diminishing glare reflected from flat surfaces. But different quality of the material and method of manufacturing greatly affect both the price point and the optics.


You can buy two pairs of polarized sunglasses in the market for $10 and $500. The difference is obvious.  Although cheaply priced, those eyeglasses often compromise on materials, resulting in frequent breakage after brief usage. Conversely, despite their high cost, renowned and expensive eyeglasses do not necessarily involve exorbitant manufacturing expenses; rather, a significant portion of the price tag is attributed to brand premiums. That’s why Gomexus invented the polarized sunglasses.

Advanced Optical Polarized Lenses

The quality of polarized lenses comes down to two basic ingredients: the quality of the lens and the quality of the polarized film. 

The Highest Quality Lenses

The highest quality lenses are optical-grade and they’re predominately made out of CR39 or mineral glass. Gomexus F15 Polarized Sunglasses pair with the CR39, which offers a lot of benefits. CR-39's transparency in the visible spectrum and UV protection shield the eyes, while its high abrasion resistance ensures durability. Its lightweight nature and high optical performance enhance comfort and clarity. Its lightweight and fatigue-resistant properties ensure you remain comfortable even during long hours of fishing.

The Excellent VLT

What is VLT? VLT( Visible Light Transmission) is a category number to show how much light the lens lets through. The higher the VLT the lighter the lens, conversely the lower the VLT the darker the tint will be, blocking more light coming through to the eye. F15 polarized sunglasses belong to CAT3, category 3 is for strong sunlight, and the most common category because almost all brown and grey (or ‘smoke’) lenses are Category 3. 

Eco-friendly frame materials for anglers

At Gomexus, we understand the importance of sustainability and innovation in our frame

materials, especially for anglers who love the planet and oceans. Our frames are crafted using Rilsano Clear G850 Rnewo, a bioplastic derived from castor oils sourced from certified farmers in Gujarat, India. This eco-friendly material reduces reliance on petroleum-based resources for eyeglass frames, aligning with our dedication to responsible manufacturing and sustainable development.

Maximum Durability

You may say 273$ sunglasses look like 15$ shiny Gas Station glasses. The cheapest of the cheap are the gas station polarized ones the acrylic acetate ones that won’t last. Gomexus polarized sunglasses featuring with CR39 lens, offer exceptional durability, flexibility for comfort and durability, environmental stress cracking resistance, chemical resistance fatigue resistance, and lightweight, making them a sustainable choice. Like Gomexus Series products are built to last, providing long-lasting performance and reducing the need for additional eyewear purchases. This not only saves you money but also conserves manufacturing energy. Designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, our eyewear embodies durable quality and eco-conscious design.

Fashion Design

Gomexus Eyewear's timeless and fashionable design seamlessly integrates sophistication with American sports styling, resulting in professional fishing eyewear that's ideal for a wide range of scenarios. Our eyewear offers the perfect marriage of style and function for anglers, no matter whether they're competing in a tournament or simply spending a leisurely day on the water with friends.

Wrap-around Sunglasses

Our wrap-around sunglasses are designed to fit most face sshapes providing anglers with the optimal coverage they need for enhanced protection against side light. The high nose bridge design ensures a secure and comfortable fit, catering specifically to anglers with a high nose bridge and low cheekbones. This design is particularly beneficial for those whose nose bridge is positioned higher than their pupils. With these angler-centric features, our sunglasses offer the perfect combination of style and functionality, meeting the needs of anglers who value both on the water.

Note: Please choose the sunglasses upon your style and nose bridge. If you're looking for a different style or one that better suits a lower nasal bridge, we offer other polarized sunglasses made by the same material in our store that may be more suitable for you.

Stop Squinting and Catch Big Fishes

Glare is any outdoor enthusiast's biggest pain. Stop squinting and start seeing with a pair of polarized sunglasses! Whether you're landing a big catch, soaking up the sun on the beach, or hiking the slopes, Gomexus polarized sunglasses will help you make the most of your day.