Gomexus CNC bait

The World's First CNC Metal Glidebait

Gomexus invented the first CNC mental swimbait in the world which revolutionized the fishing technique, a remarkable bait that updated the ordinary lure. Offering unique durability, X-stretch dual-section, DIY possibility, special metal sound, realistic swim action, ultra-sharp trebles hooks,

There’s no denying the incredible drawing power of bait, and when you commit to throwing one, it affords ample opportunities to potentially catch the fish of a lifetime. As many fishermen know, modern soft-body glidebaits, especially higher-end stuff, are not durable. Sure they catch fish, but is it really worth the money you put down on a lure that loses its tail or rips apart beyond repair after a few fish? Several of you are lucky. 

That’ s why Gomexus invented the first CNC mental glidebait in the world which revolutionized the fishing technique, a remarkable bait that updated the ordinary lure.

Durable CNC Metal Glidebait

Gomexus CNC metal glidebait featuring a 7xxx Series Aluminium Alloy offers unparalleled durability, which can make it withstand the extreme pressure of catching large fish. Looking at it from some bait manufacturers' point of view, if a bait is too durable it won't sell as many as one that tears easily. That is what we won’t do, we aim to make these swimmers still completely intact today, even after vigorous use, and still lay in my tackle box. And then, you will say: oops! my worms were too durable!

Special Metal Sound 

Scientific research shows that fish are very sensitive to sound. Underwater, sound is an important means of transmitting information like attack or prey. Gomexus’s CNC bait can stimulate the sounds produced by fish behaviors such as foraging and evading predation, arousing large fish’s alertness and attack reaction.

Realistic Swim Action and Looking

Gomexus CNC glidebait boasts an innovative and revolutionized design, X-stretch and accessories that offer fishermen unprecedented versatility.

X-stretch Dual-section

The innovative "X-stretch" has a dual-section variable function that allows for three distinct interval lengths and three different bending angles between the front and rear sections of the bait, creating a diverse range of swimming poses. Just imagine the thrill of watching your lure mimic different natural swim actions and make your target catch inescapable.

DIY Possibility

In addition to the X-stretch function, we also offer a wide range of accessories that can be paired with the lure to create diverse swimming poses and unlock different fishing techniques. Included free of charge is a dive-inducing deflector tongue plate, which allows the large bait to descend to depths of approximately one meter when attached. Furthermore, we provide three different types of tails, each with its unique swimming effect based on its weight.

What sets our lure apart from plastic baits on the market is its exceptional durability. Unlike plastic baits, whose sealing can be easily compromised and render them unusable, our lure remains functional even after disassembly. This means anglers and modification enthusiasts can confidently take apart the lure, experiment with weight distribution, and discover their unique swimming poses without worrying about water ingress due to compromised sealing.

Ultra-sharp Trebles Hooks

Fishing hooks are one of the smallest parts of an angler’s setup, but in some ways, they’re also the most important. Here are some factors we look at when choosing the hook for targeted fish: material of the hook, weight, gape, and style. Gomexus’ cyberbait can meet all your needs, which equipped with exclusive, custom-made ultra-sharp treble hooks that boast anti-rust properties, exceptional corrosion resistance, and unparalleled piercing power, ensuring a reliable and efficient fishing experience.

Get your Fish with Gomexus Cyberbait

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a complete beginner, there’s something about Gomexus cyberbait that can provide a sense of excitement, challenge, and connection to the natural world. So grab your reel and glidebait and head out to the water – you never know what incredible experiences await you!