Gomexus Black Friday Tackle Deals - Up to 20% Off + Free Gifts

Gomexus Black Friday Tackle Deals - Up to 20% Off + Free Gifts

The festive season is around the corner, and with it comes the opportunity to shop for your favorites at the lowest market prices. If you’re an angler, you need to seize the Gomexus Black Friday tackle deals and get yourself some of the best fishing gear. Likewise, you can select a gear to gift a loved one or a friend at an amazing deal of up to 20% off the market price.

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, Gomexus is giving away its greatest fishing merchandise at amazingly low prices. You’ll get access to the angler’s best fishing gear, including a slow jigging reel, reel power knob, power handle, and casting rod. To spice up your fishing escapade this holiday season, you can browse a variety of these fishing gear. Don’t worry about the prices. Gomexus Black Friday will give you the lowest prices you won’t get anywhere else.

Gomexus Black Friday Tackle Deals - Up to 20% Off + Free Gifts

The Best Fishing Gift from Gomexus Black Friday
Whether planning to go fishing with your buddies or simply need to gift a friend or family, we have the ultimate fishing gift for you. It comprises everything you need to make the ultimate fishing experience this holiday season.

Gomexus Power Handle
Every angler will concur that a power handle dictates whether you’ll put in less energy to make a big catch or miss it entirely. The Gomexus power handles are built with a longer design to deliver enhanced firepower for catching bigger and heavier fish like tuna. They serve as excellent replacements for OEM-designed handles.

Gomexus Power Handle

What makes it an excellent fishing gift?
Since their design offers a snug fit to the palm, an angler will have a stronger grip and enhanced torque for a big catch. With an ergonomic handle, you’ll have a non-slip grip even when your hands are wet. Apart from making your fishing experience easier, the power handles are quite attractive with an elegant look and feel. Their looks are further enhanced with a variety of color schemes to choose from so you can match them to the spinning reels.

The Gomexus power handle will deliver additional torque plus a better feel which makes it a functional accessory to your spinning reel. The handle is forged from 7075 aluminum with a much thicker handle plate for extra solid cranking.
These power handles offer compatibility with a range of reel brands including Shimano Tranx 100 200, Curado 300e, 200e, Curado DC, and Calcutta conquest 100 200.

Gomexus Reel Power
Any fishing escapade can be a livelier experience if you can make your tackle more user-friendly. When it comes to adjusting the frictionless plates, the Gomexus reel power knob does a tremendous job. The reel power knobs are exceptionally built using a one-piece aluminum metal and come with an ergonomic design for enhanced grip.

Gomexus Reel Power

What makes it an excellent fishing gift?
The Gomexus reel power is elegantly designed and built to allow you to customize it with an engraving. Apart from the Gomexus branding on the knob’s top, you can also add custom engraving of your favorite phrase or the name you’re gifting it to.
Other than that, the knobs are built to withstand high amounts of pressure, which is critical when fighting your way with big striped bass. The knobs will fit into place with ease to achieve a seamless spin. This makes it easier to rotate and use. With all these perks that the knob brings, it’s a sure bet to excite the recipient as a gift.
Gomexus built this reel power knob to allow any angler to install it with ease. That’s made possible since they come with every accessory needed for installation, such as the bearings, washers, and nuts.

Gomexus Slow Jigging Reel
No matter the size of tuna you’re battling, if you have a good jigging reel, the fight’s going to be a walk in the park for you. That’s why the Gomexus slow jigging reel is built to give an angler more advantage over the weight of a big catch. And surprisingly, it doesn’t need putting in more strength because this jigging reel is equipped with the right gear shafts for an ideal slow jigging gear ratio.

Gomexus Slow Jigging Reel

What makes it an excellent fishing gift?
If you want to seal a long-term friendship or relationship with someone, you got to give them something that’ll last for years. The Gomexus slow jigging reel features an efficient construction and will last a lifetime. It’ll create a lasting impression at the back of the gift recipient’s mind every time they go out for a fishing adventure.
This slow jigging reel is built from stainless steel and offers a smooth and quick operation even when submerged in water. Plus, the reel won’t drag or pose any other complication often encountered with stock reels. Their stainless-steel build can withstand corrosion and rust therefore will last a lifetime.
The functionality and efficiency of any reel are directly proportional to its weight. The Gomexus slow jigging reel comes with a 7:1:1 ratio, hence is much lighter and ideal for the big catch. These reels also come with a feature that lets you preset the lever drag, meaning that your battles with a big fish will always be to your advantage.

Gomexus Fishing One Piece Casting Rod
Making a big catch while out for a fishing adventure needs the right gear by your side. The Gomexus Fishing One Piece Casting Rod is what every serious angler needs to make their big catch an effortless task. The casting rod has improved strength and weight and offers better sensitivity than most other rods in the market.

Gomexus Fishing One Piece Casting Rod

What makes it an excellent fishing gift?
As Thanksgiving and Black Friday get nearer, you want to make sure you have a gift idea ready. You can never go wrong with the Gomexus fishing one-piece casting rod as a gift as it symbolizes trust and bond. The one-piece casting rod is ideal for any man in your life who’s a diehard angler or a novice angler trying to build the perfect fishing gear and assembly.
The rod is built from high-quality Spiral X technology, which means you can do everything a perfect fishing rod is supposed to. With this casting rod, you can achieve greater casting distance, reduced drastic weight, and improved sensitivity.
While other aftermarket casting rods offer non-ergonomic handles, the Gomexus fishing one-piece casting rod comes with a premium quality cork handle. This provides a stronger, more comfortable grip when trying to catch that largemouth bass off the water.
Check out our best Gomexus Black Friday tackle deals and grab a gift for the special man in your life today.

Reel Original Price 8% OFF
lx50 179.95 165.55
sx450 219.95 202.35
HX30 359.95 331.15
Knob Original Price 15% OFF
A38 19.95 16.96
A27 19.95 16.96
B45 19.95 16.96
Te35 19.95 16.96
ea20 9.99 8.49
a20 11.99 10.19
fa38 29.95 25.46
te30 19.95 16.96
Handle Original Price 15% OFF
spinfisher Handle 34.95 29.71
BG Handle 34.95 29.71
Battle Handle 34.95 29.71
Lmy-S Handle 59.95 50.96
LMY-D Handle 59.95 50.96
lmy-ta38 69.95 59.46
BG mq Handle 34.95 29.71
Firece Handle 29.95 25.46
Bdh-a27 59.95 50.96
Bdh-tpe30 59.95 50.96
Bdh-tpe35 59.95 50.96
LC75-FA38 39.95 33.96
BDH 34.95 29.71
DC 19.95 16.96
LC75-A38 29.95 25.46
BDH-CA27 59.95 50.96
Fishing Rods Original Price 20% OFF
Casting Rod 199.95 159.96


Most folks love fishing as it gives them the chance to reconnect with nature. And the best way to help them do it is to gift your loved one or a friend with an assortment of fishing gear. There are plenty of gift ideas to choose from, including casting rods, power knobs, power handle, and slow jigging reels.
If you’ve been looking for the best gift to get for your loved one this Black Friday, you can’t go wrong with our choice of fishing gear. Gomexus has a great tackle deal for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Browse the collection of fishing gear and personalize them with a customized engraving to make it truly special.