Gomexus Slow Pitch Jigging Reel LS20 - Captain's Choice for Superior Performance

Gomexus Slow Pitch Jigging Reel LS20 - Captain's Choice for Superior Performance

In the vast ocean of fishing reels, the Gomexus® Slow Pitch Jigging Reel LS20 stands as the pinnacle of choice for anglers dreaming of tackling the big fish in the saltwater paradise. Specially designed to withstand the harshest marine environment, this reel offers the ultimate precision, control, and durability.
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Whether you're targeting trophy-sized monsters in deep sea fishing or chasing fast-moving species with adrenaline-pumping excitement, the Gomexus LS20 is your reliable companion. With its superior strength and high line capacity, it is a perfect match for those looking to embark on an adventurous saltwater fishing expedition.

Key Features of the Gomexus LS20 Fishing Reel

Gear Ratio & Line Retrieve

Boasting a gear ratio of 6.5:1, the LS20 offers a line retrieve of 41 inch/105 cm per crank. This ensures efficient and speedy retrieval of your catch.

Handle & Weight

The handle length of 3.6 inch/92 mm provides optimal grip and control. Weighing 15 oz/424 g, the LS20 offers a sturdy feel that gives you confidence in its durability.

Line Capacity & Max Drag

With a line capacity of 30 lb/455 yards, the LS20 can handle even the largest catches. Its maximum drag of 25 lb/11 kg ensures that your catch stays securely on the line.


The LS20 features 9+1 bearings, ensuring a smooth and effortless cranking experience.

Gomexus LS20 Reel vs. Top Reels

When it comes to fishing reels, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, the Gomexus LS20 stands out from the competition due to its superior features and craftsmanship. Unlike other brands, the LS20 offers a more stable brake force, smoother operation, and better reliability. Its brass gears and stainless steel internals are a testament to Gomexus's commitment to quality.

Gomexus LS20 Reel vs. Gomexus LX50 Reel

While both the Gomexus LS20 and LX50 are exceptional reels, the LS20 takes it to the next level. The LS20 offers a slightly lower gear ratio and increased line capacity, making it ideal for longer fishing sessions. Additionally, its heavier weight and sturdy feel give it an edge in terms of durability and reliability. The LS20 also boasts a smoother drag engagement and improved craftsmanship compared to the LX50.

Customer Reviews

"The Gomexus® LS20 is a revelation! The smooth drag engagement and sturdy feel make it a pleasure to use. It's truly the Captain's Choice."

"I've been using the Gomexus LS20 for months now, and it's been a game-changer. The gear ratio and line retrieve are perfect for my fishing needs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any angler looking for a high-performance reel."


The Gomexus LS20 Jigging Reel truly encapsulates the essence of what anglers value most in their fishing gear. As the saying goes, "The reel is always more important. You can fish with a broken rod or even half of a rod, you can't fish well with a broken reel." This reel embodies that sentiment perfectly, offering not just superior features like large line capacity, high gear ratio, and durable materials, but also the smooth operation and precision engineering that are vital for a successful fishing trip.

The Gomexus LS20 is the Captain's Choice for any angler who wants to maximize their chances of landing those big catches. Whether you're a seasoned captain or a fishing enthusiast, you'll appreciate the reliability, smoothness, and overall performance this reel provides. Upgrade your fishing gear with the Gomexus LS20 today and let its power and precision take your angling adventures to new heights!