Best Bass Fishing Baitcasting Reels

Best Bass Fishing Baitcasting Reels

Bass fishing is a recreational activity popular among the people of North America. According to an estimate, a whopping 10 million people tried their hand at fishing for the first time in 2020. 

Sounds crazy, right? Well, catching a game fish onto your reel can be equal measures exciting and daunting. When a highly sought-after fish is hooked with your reel, and you start rotating the handle to pull back the spool revealing a large bass caught in the hook, that feeling is just something else!

Best Bass Fishing Baitcasting Reels

Modern bass fishing is now a multi-million dollar industry. Due to the rising popularity of bass fishing as both a professional sport and recreational activity, many technological advancements have been made regarding its equipment. From hooks, reels, lines, lures, and fish finding equipment to even boats explicitly made for bass fishing. Are you interested in learning about bass fishing and how to use the newer materials too? Well, without further ado, let's dive in!

Bass Fishing

Bass is a type of game fish that is hunted across the world for sport. While this is slowly gaining popularity worldwide, bass fishing is already a competitive sport in many states of the United States. You might be thinking, what's so great about bass that catching it is a nationally recognized activity? Well, to answer that, you must understand how hard it is to lure out bass and catch it. 

While beginners use a simple hook and reel to catch fish, experienced anglers use specialized gear to catch certain types of fish, especially the bass. Not only that, there are many different types of bass, some rarer than the others. The primary kind of bass that is caught is the Black Bass. The Black Bass further includes the largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, Kentucky bass, and Guadalupe bass. 

Bass Fishing

 Now to successfully catch bass fish, there is specific equipment you will need. These include particular types of reels, hooks, baits, lines, and sometimes even kayaks and boats, although those are primarily for professionals. To know more about what you need to get to go bass fishing, keep reading!

Fishing Rod

The rod forms the backbone of your fishing expedition. A good fishing rod is equally sturdy and light. When catching larger varieties of bass, make sure to use a strong rod to bear the weight of the fish. It should not be easily breakable because you will often end up catching larger bass varieties than expected, which is why it is essential to have a rod you can rely on. 

Not only that, a rod used for bass fishing must be made in such a way that the weight does not entirely lie on your hands as that can cause the rod to slip or to twist your hands. A medium to heavy rod is an excellent option to take with you when going bass fishing. 

Fishing Line

Choosing the right line can make or break your fishing expedition, literally and figuratively. Currently, there are three main types of fishing lines that are being used for bass fishing. These include fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braided. Braided lines are the most popular because of their incredible tensile strength. These allow you to pull back the line, even if a big bass has caught on. Not only that, the braided lines are abrasion-resistant so that you can pull easily through heavy tree or bush covers. 

Fishing Line

Monofilament was the most popular line to be used for bass hunting previously. Due to the invention of sturdier lines, monofilament has now taken a back seat in bass fishing. Some anglers prefer fluorocarbon lines because they're virtually invisible in water. This invisibility gives them an edge as most bass cannot see them and take the bait. Also, don't forget to check the pound test of the line. It means how heavy a fish the line can catch without breaking. A good line for bass fishing can bear at least 8 pounds of weight and sometimes even more. 

Baitcasting Reel

A baitcasting reel, also known as a bait caster, consists of a revolving spool with a casting rod and trigger handle. Choosing your first reel for bass fishing can be a daunting task. With so many varieties available in the market, it is easy to become overwhelmed.  

Your best options when it comes to baitcasting reels are graphite, aluminum, and carbon composite. If you're looking for something sturdy as well as smooth and light, aluminum is your best bet. Since fishing reels are primarily used in water, it is essential to select a reel, such as graphite that does not rust easily. Durability is another crucial component of a reel. I mean, you wouldn't want your reel to crack if a particularly large bass latches onto your bait, right?

If you're looking for some of the best baitcasting reels, you need to know some basics about baitcasting so you can choose the right reel. These include:

Low Profile vs. Round

A round baitcasting reel holds more length of line and is used for heavier line material. Getting the round baitcasting reel is essential if you need to throw the bait over a long distance or use a heavy bait. However, the low-profile bait is more effective in catching bass due to its more effortless wrist action and handling.

Gear Ratio

A gear ratio means the number of rotations per turn of the handle. For one turn, how many times the reel allows the line to spin around. Baitcasting reels commonly used have 5.4:1, 6.4:1, and 7.1:1 ratios. For instance, with a rotation of 6.4:1 gear ratio, one turn of the handle will allow you to pull back 6.4 revolutions. The greater the gear ratio, the more revolutions of the baitcasting reel you get with the same amount of work. 

Braking Systems

An important feature that many people overlook when buying a reel is a braking system. The best baitcasting reels have an excellent braking system that prevents you from having the annoying backlash that leaves your line in a knotted mess. If you don't want that to happen, make sure to buy a reel with an excellent braking system. The two main types of brakes that come with reels are magnetic brakes and centrifugal brakes. 

Every time you're out fishing, fine-tune your thumb movements in such a way that no matter the braking systems, your spool does not get tangled. For trouble-free casting, adjust your spool speed with the help of the tension knob.  

Top 5 Baitcasting Reels

To make it easier, we will tell you some of the best baitcasting reels present in the market. In our view, the top five baitcasting reels currently available in the market include:

SHIMANO Curado K Baitcasting Reel

Shimano Curado is one of the best baitcasting reels out there. It is a low-profile baitcasting reel made of tough, and the X-ship technology provides additional durability. Shimano Curado is the top choice for anglers worldwide due to its infinity braking system and MicroModule gearing. The Super Stopper anti-reverse technology provides a one-way stainless steel roller bearing that eliminates back-play. 

Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel

The Daiwa Tatula is another famous baitcasting reel that is used for bass fishing. Made up of sturdy and corrosion-resistant aluminum, this baitcasting reel is one of the smallest and lightest versions out there. This quality allows for easy handling by the angler and the Zero Adjuster spool setting with the T-Wing System casts longer and more accurately. 

Abu Garcia Revo Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

The Abu Garcia is another one of the low-profile baitcasting reels. As mentioned earlier, the low-profile reels are best for bass fishing. This reel comes with seven ball bearings made of stainless steel and one roller bearing that provides smooth operation. The Carbon Matrix Hybrid Drag System in the Abu Garcia baitcasting reels allows for an incredibly straightforward and efficient fishing experience. 

Lew's Tournament LFS Baitcasting Reel

Lew's baitcasting reel is an angler favorite. Lew's baitcasting reel has been forged to be an angler's best friend, made up of the one-piece aluminum frame and graphite side plates. The P2 Super Pinion bearing provides accurate alignment and stability, allowing smoother operation with longer gear life. Not only that, the Lew's Premium 10-bearing system comes with stainless steel double shielded bearings, which can help you catch the best bass of your life!

Pflueger President XT Low Profile Reel

You can also use the Pflueger President baitcasting reel for bass fishing. It comes with a nine-bearing system that consists of stainless steel ball bearings to prevent corrosion. Additionally, the magnetic braking system allows minimizing the backlash and tangling of the spool so you can experience hassle-free fishing. Not only that, the soft-touch rubber knob that comes with Lew's baitcasting reel gives excellent grip. 


While there are numerous baitcasting reels available in the market, you should choose one that suits your situation, ability, and level of expertise. It's better to learn about the simpler reels and then move on to the more specialized versions to understand each part’s function. 

If you plan to take up bass fishing, invest in some good quality material and head to the nearest site to catch that black bass and impress your friends and family!