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Finesse Knob 20-27 mm

Finesse Knob at GOMEXUS

Gomexus finesse knob 20-27mm knob includes aluminum alloy, TPE rubber, EVA and titanium alloy these four types of material. The aluminum knob has longer durability and Unique metal texture; TPE rubber has the most comfortable and non-slip grip; EVA knob can keep your finger warm in cold weather; Titanium knob has the most sensitivity touch to feel the vibration. Click here to choose the correct product fitment table.



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Gomexus Power Knob#color_BlackGomexus Power Knob#color_Black
Gomexus Power Knob TPE-A27
Sale price$19.95
Gomexus Power Knob#color_Black GoldGomexus Power Knob#color_Black Gold
Gomexus Power Knob#color_Titanium BlackGomexus Power Knob#color_Titanium Black
Gomexus Super Light Cork Konb-CA27
Sale price$19.95
Gomexus power knob#color_BlackGomexus power knob#color_Black
Gomexus Power Knob Titanium Alloy T22
Sale price$34.95
Gomexus power knob#color_Transparent RedGomexus power knob#color_Transparent Red
Gomexus Transparent Power Knob TPE-S20
Sale price$9.99
Gomexus power knob#color_Black RedGomexus power knob#color_Black Red
Gomexus Power Knob Aluminum-A20
Sale price$11.99

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