Best saltwater trolling reel for grouper

Best saltwater trolling reel for grouper

One of the kinds of fish most people enjoy is the grouper. In general, they have a pleasant flavor when cooked and are a lot of fun to catch.
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They tend to build their homes on reefs, and if hooked, they will rapidly run to their preferred hiding spot to throw you off their trail on the rocks.

They don't have a lot of stamina, but if you aren't paying attention, the initial rush might permanently implant the butt of the rod deep in your gut. Because of this, even very little grouper require pretty hefty tackle since the drag required to prevent them from returning to their reef can be pretty substantial. Here is where you need the best Gomexus grouper reel for your adventure.

Grouper Introduction

Grouper are a species that are attracted to structure and can typically be found on the ocean floor. Some of the best places to dive are shipwrecks, reefs, navigation marks, bridges, and areas with a hard bottom. Groupers conceal themselves within these formations before pouncing on unsuspecting prey. Grouper are opportunistic feeders, meaning they will consume nearly everything, including bait fish, crabs, and squid.

Grouper Introduction

Grouper have disproportionately huge jaws for their bodies, allowing them to consume enormous baits. They frequently swim up to the surface and consume other reef fish hooked while being brought in on the reel.

One of the most appealing characteristics of grouper is the wide range of colors and patterns it may take on. There are so many distinct species of grouper around the world that you could spend your entire fishing career trying to catch them all, and it still would not be a life spent.

Because of its large size, grouper has been a popular target for spearfishers for a significant amount of time. Recently, grouper has become a protected species.

You could try fishing for them on the breakwaters near ports, where they like to hide. September through March, typically the coldest of the year, are ideal for catching grouper.

You will have the most success catching groupers if you use a boat and move forward until you reach the deepest areas. The fact that male groupers are the largest species is another intriguing fact to learn.

How to Catch Grouper?

You might think of several ways when you think about catching big grouper. Large live baits and jigs with dead bait work well for catching black grouper in deeper reefs and wrecks.

How to Catch Grouper

Anglers have a chance of getting these big fish out of their holes with heavy jigging gear. When fishing with big jigs and live baits near where groupers like to hang out, anglers should be ready to move the fish quickly. 

You can catch grouper by trolling them or fishing on the bottom. To fish the bottom, you must use live bait on the hook. Using live bait is a great way to catch grouper that are swimming near the reef. Your hook can be tied to your baitfish in different places, like the throat, back, or nose. The ideal bottom fishing technique involves inserting the hook into your baitfish's neck.

Tools for catching grouper

To successfully fish for grouper, you'll need a rod between 4 and 4 1/2 meters long and can withstand 330 and 600 lb. of pressure.

Groupers are typically found in deep water, and they put up a fight when we try to drag them out of their holes, so you'll need a heavy fishing rod and lots of reels to catch one. The line diameter is between 0.6 and 0.8 millimeters. Hence, a large reel is required (the accurate size for groupers). Moreover, a spool of at least 300 meters in length is required.

You'll want to choose large and sturdy hooks to withstand the power of a grouper's jaws. Squid, chub mackerel, sardines, white crab, and octopus pieces are some of the best baits for grouper fishing because they are some of the fish's preferred foods. Nevertheless, they'll take everything you throw at them.

The best bait for grouper fishing

Live fish is the best bait for catching grouper. You can use whichever huge baitfish are common in your area. Hook a small reef fish of whatever kind is biting, insert a large hook, and release it if allowed where you are fishing. Many grouper will also consume squid and other crustaceans like shrimp. Although they have somewhat huge mouths, they are not particularly picky eaters.

The best bait for grouper fishing
The best bait for grouper fishing
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bait sardine octopus pieces white crab squid chub mackerel

Grouper drag settings

To protect your fishing line from snapping while reeling in fish that are too large to bring in fast, utilize drag. In addition to wearing a fish down, drag acts as a damper to prevent the fishing line and terminal tackle from being stretched to their breaking points.

Many fishermen "try to estimate" the drag setting by tugging the line off the reel to feel the tension. Still, unless you've developed a finely tuned sense of feel through years of fishing, it's best to use a scale to adjust the drag to the appropriate level before heading out on the water.

Grouper Rod and Reel Setup

When it comes to fishing for grouper, it's essential to have a reliable rod and reel setup that can handle the size and strength of these fish. Here are some recommendations for a grouper rod and reel setup:

Rod: Look for a heavy-duty rod that is rated for at least 50-80 lbs line and has a strong backbone to handle the weight of the fish. A good option is a conventional rod that is 6 to 7 feet long.

Reel: Choose a reel that can hold plenty of line and has a high line retrieval rate. Look for a reel with a drag system that is smooth and powerful enough to handle the strength of a grouper. A conventional reel with a line capacity of 300-400 yards of 80 lbs braid is ideal.

Line: Use a braided line that is rated for at least 80 lbs, as this will give you the strength you need to reel in big grouper. Make sure to tie your braided line to a strong fluorocarbon leader of 80-100 lbs test to prevent the fish from breaking off the line.

Terminal Tackle: For grouper, use heavy-duty circle hooks that are 6/0 to 8/0 in size, along with a sinker that is heavy enough to keep your bait on the bottom.

Gomexus suitable for grouper fishing reel

The Gomexus Saltwater Trolling Reel RA600D expands on the previous generation's achievements. RA600 was polished for a robust and saltwater-resistant finish. It offers the best 1-touch 2-speed shift mechanism on the market. It is a sizable big game reel with a CNC-machined aircraft aluminum frame and spool.

Gomexus suitable for grouper fishing reel

Its body and rotor are made completely of premium metal, guaranteeing accurate gear positioning. The fisherman can pull gently and lessen hand or forearm fatigue thanks to its distinctive shape.

Moreover, it features two gear speeds, making it simpler for the fisherman to utilize the same reel for both sorts of fishing. This specification is odd when compared to other reels, as you can see. It is one of the most suitable fishing grouper you need for the big catch you have ever wanted.


Grouper is often considered a classic bottom fish and is one of the most sought-after fish by both new and experienced anglers. You will surely have a great time if you are fishing for red, black, yellowfin, gag, or warsaw groupers. Nevertheless, you need the best Gomexus grouper reel for such a big catch.