Gomexus Reel Handles Introduction

Gomexus Reel Handles Introduction

Gomexus has been a top reel customization brand dedicated to creating high-quality and handy products since 2019.


Reel Handles Introduction

Gomexus has been a top reel customization brand dedicated to creating high-quality and handy products since 2019.

At the very beginning, we only designed and produced custom reel parts for Shimano and Daiwa reels. However, by popular demand from our customers who love our work, we created new products to meet more people’s needs. Now, we are proud to see that Gomexus products are now sold in over 52 countries worldwide.

There are more than 20 fishing reel handles for anglers to choose from at Gomexus.com. Most of them are initially designed for Shimano and Daiwa brand reels. However, they can also be used to customize reels of other brands, such as Abu Garcia, Lew's, Penn, Quantum and KastKing, 13 Fishing and so on.


Types of fishing reel handles

There are 2 types of reel handles on the website - spinning reel handles and baitcasting reel handles.

The main function of the handles is to replace the original reel handle and make the reel look and work better.

We started to design and create reel handles so that people could easily customize their reels and make fishing more enjoyable. Different people have different needs. Some anglers like lighter fishing reel handles, some prefer handles with longer torque, while others like stronger handles. Some fishers just want to make their handle look cool and special.

So here we are. We design and produce different kinds of reel handles that are compatible.to people’s needs and preferences.

Comparison table:


Spinning reel handles

Baitcasting reel handles


Single handles, Double handles

Suitable reels

Spinning reels

Baitcasting reels


Aluminum, Carbon

Aluminum, Carbon, Titanium




Handle length

57mm,70mm, 82mm, 98mm

75mm, 85mm, 90mm, 95mm, 100mm, 105mm, 120mm

Shaft size


7x4mm, 8x5mm

Compatible brand

Daiwa, Shimano

Abu Garcia, Daiwa, KastKing, Lew's, Okuma, Penn, Quantum,Shimano, 13 Fishing, and more.


All in all, the customized fishing reel handles offers different solutions for different fishing scenarios.

During jigging and swimbait fishing, a reel handle with longer torque gives you more firepower to deal with big fish for a long time and save energy while pulling the bait.

And if you want to fish with greater flexibility, a reel handle with small knobs or light carbon material may be your best choice.

If you want your reel to simply look cool or special, pick one from those made from cool titanium material.

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