New Arrivals at GOMEXUS

Shop for brand new Gomexus products here. These are the newest power knobs, power handles, fishing reels and star drags recently released by Gomexus fishing US. Bookmark this page and check here first for the newest product releases. Be sure to become a Gomexus Member as well to be notified via email of the latest in fishing.

Gomexus Plier X Titanium Fishing Pliers 7'' with sheath.png__PID:c050442e-aef1-4c8c-b5de-45d77c4daeb3

The GOMEXUS Plier X Titanium Fishing Pliers 7''

“One GOMEXUS 7" Plier Save Two More Pliers”


Completely CNC machined, durable, and reliable; One pair of Gomexus titanium pliers can be used for a lifetime.

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Gomexus Plano - F15 Fishing Sunglasses

"Clarity As Glass"


✅ 7 Days No Reason Return

The best-polarized sunglasses on the water, these men's performance sport fishing sunglasses with mirrored options are polarized, co-molded, and are perfect for any Angler.

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Gomexus fishing glasses green.png__PID:aef1ec8c-35de-45d7-bc4d-aeb3097a55b8
Gomexus Cyberbait CNC.png__PID:7e8dea2b-0d10-441a-81f7-79d2e5674c4b

The Gomexus Cyberbait CNC Metal Swimbait

“World First CNC Metal Bait”


Gomexus Cyberbait metal swimbait can sink slowly and deliver a natural life-like swimming action at any speed, which will bring on quicker bites.

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Gomexus® Slow Pitch Jigging Reel LS20

"Smooth & Easy Drag System"


GOMEXUS LS20 features a high line capacity of over 455 yards of 30 lb great for saltwater fishing, big water, or big fish. 

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Gomexus® Slow Pitch Jigging Reel LS20.png__PID:cacfad63-ffaa-404c-81c4-79a35dede7db


Gomexus handles for baitcasting reels are second to none in usability, quality, and lightweight. Keep your gear always up-to-date with Gomexus' newest handles releases.


T-bar Handle for Penn Special Senator


Aluminum handle f.png__PID:7e299552-bd4c-4f5a-b13d-d4947067af7d

Aluminum Handle with TPE Knobs


Gomexus ihandle 85 for Shimano TLD 20 25.png__PID:8ffd1c6c-46de-4e7d-998c-025cb4e8b71d

Power Handle for Shimano TLD 20 25


Gomexus Stainless Steel Handle with round knob.png__PID:baab3372-ae43-486e-8c8b-2927c0b0efad

Stainless Steel Handle for Penn Squall & Fathom 



Always having the newest spinning handles means that you never have to worry about your gear being second best. 

Gomexus handle for baitrunner.png__PID:66b6c433-e9f4-4e4f-b863-d1eaf9bcaca7

Aluminum Handle For Shimano Baitrunner (New)



Handle for Shimano Saragosa SW


Aluminum Handle for Shimano Vanford


Aluminum Handle For Pflueger President



We also release new knobs, accessories, and other fishing products to help you accomplish more. 

Gomexus Titanium Fishing Line Roller.png__PID:442eaef1-ec8c-45de-85d7-7c4daeb3097a

Fishing Line Roller


Titanium T-bar Knob


Aluminum Reel Stand R9


Gomexus Aluminum Spool For Daiwa Tatula tw.png__PID:7553b5b0-3f98-4aa5-8a61-6f7ec854181e

Aluminum Spool


We will only continue to expand our catalog by creating new products to fill specific niches and to improve upon existing products. Keep tabs on this page to be the first to know when we have new products rolling out. You can also sign up to receive emails about new products by becoming a Goemxus Member. No one wants to be second best, and by staying up to date with our newest products, you won't be.