Fishing Gear Christmas Sale: 10% Off Over 89 + Beautiful Gift Boxes

Fishing Gear Christmas Sale: 10% Off Over $89 + Beautiful Gift Boxes

Christmas comes early this year and Gomexus has one of the biggest fishing gear sales to make your festive season livelier
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Whether you’re an angler looking to upgrade your fishing gear or want a gift for your buddy or family, the Gomexus Christmas sale got you covered.

Select from a wide variety of high-end fishing gear from Gomexus, including a jigging reel, power knob, reel stand, star drag, and knob hand. Gomexus is running two Christmas campaigns to make your gift-giving season livelier.

The Biggest Gomexus Christmas Sale Event – Get A Free Gift Box From December 1st

As one of the biggest names in the fishing industry, we’ve decided to make every angler’s dream of owning top-notch fishing gear at a fraction of the market price come true. This big Gomexus Christmas sale event is active from December 1st.

Fishing Gear Christmas Sale

For every purchase of an engraved product, Gomexus will give you a gift box to make your gift look more presentable. Gomexus offers custom and stylish engraving of the fishing gear bought with the phrase of your choice to personalize it even more. So, hurry, because this gift box event will only last until December 20th!

The Big Christmas Discount – Get 10% Off All Purchases from December 19th -25th 

This Christmas, we’re launching the biggest fishing gear Christmas Sale starting from December 19th  where every purchase higher than $89 will be discounted by 10%. Yes, that’s right; you’ll get the best of what Gomexus has to offer at a fraction of the cost for anything bought above $89.

So, if you’ve longed to gift a friend or a loved one with high-end fishing gear from Gomexus, this is your chance.

If you haven’t decided yet on which gift to buy during our Gomexus Christmas sale, you have until December 25th to make a choice. So, hurry, we’ve got something special for every angler this Christmas!

Choose From Our Elegant Collection of Fishing Gears This Christmas

Kickstart the Christmas festivity for yourself, a loved one, or your family with a gift from Gomexus fishing gear. For every purchase of the items on offer, you’ll receive a free creative Gift Box on all purchases above $89. So, let’s get you started, shall we?

1. Gomexus Slow Pitch Jigging Reel LX50

Product Description

This Gomexus Jigging Reel offers one of the best jigging reels you can ever get yourself or a friend. It’s robustly built to give excellent cranking power through the reduction of chafing between the spool shaft and the pinion gear. This in turn significantly enhances the rotational torque.

Gomexus Slow Pitch Jigging Reel LX50

The Gomexus Jigging Reel comes with a 7:1:1 gear ratio and weighs less to give you a stronger grip while battling with tuna. Plus, it comes with a pre-set lever drag to allow you to set the drag accurately. With a stainless-steel construction, the jigging reel can stand up to the elements and water, therefore retaining its sleek look through the years.


  • True one-piece frame offering maximum strength vs weight with an ergonomic power knob.
  • Carbon drag system with a pre-set lever drag.
  • Right-hand jigging reel with 7:1:1 gear ratio.
  • Easier line management courtesy of a narrow spool design.
  • Line capacity ranges of 300yds/30lbs braided.
  • Smooth performance supported by the 9BB & 2RB bearings.

Why Choose it as a Christmas Gift?

If planning to go fishing during the Christmas festivities, the Gomexus Jigging Reel will make it easier to catch snappers, redfish, flounder, and seabass, among other saltwater fish.   It’s also durable and can withstand elements hence an ideal Christmas gift to last a lifetime.

2. Gomexus Kage Titanium Handle with Cork Knob Hand Polish TH-CA27

Product Description

When swimbait fishing, this Gomexus Knob Hand offers more firepower needed to battle the big fish for longer. The handle material is made of cork to grant you a comfortable grip even when the hands are wet. Since it’s built from PVD titanium, the knob hand can last a lifetime, overcoming exposure to water and rust.

Gomexus Kage Titanium Handle with Cork Knob Hand Polish TH-CA27


  • A non-slip surface that’s buttery smooth for an ergonomic grip.
  • Lightweight and easy to rotate.
  • Thickened central DC handle plate for solid cranking.
  • Includes all the accessories needed for installation, including screws, nut retainers, left and right nuts, and a wrench.

Why Choose it as a Christmas Gift?

This Gomexus Knob Hand is an ideal Christmas gift to those who experience difficulties cranking their current fishing reels. If you have a family or friend angler with a Gomexus fishing reel, simply give them this knob hand to upgrade their fishing experience this festivity.

3. Gomexus Aluminum Reel Power Knob 35 38 41mm A38

Product Description

When fighting a bass or tuna fish, the adjustability of your power knob determines if your catch will be a success or not. The Gomexus Reel Power Knob offers an adequate grip to your reel handle to make it easier to fight big fish.

Since the power knob is built using one-piece aluminum, it’s highly resistant to water and elements and hence will last a lifetime. Gomexus made this power knob more user-friendly with an ergonomic shape to make your grips much firmer.

Gomexus Aluminum Reel Power Knob 35 38 41mm A38


  • Built from 7075 aluminum with a waterproof design for enhanced durability.
  • Ergonomic shape to provide a stronger grip for fighting larger fish.
  • Comes in a variety of color options including silver black, silver gold, black red, blue gold, and black gold.
  • Choose from different knob sizes, including 41mm, 38mm, and 35mm.
  • Offers compatibility with a wide variety of reels including Shimano, Penn, and Daiwa.

Why Choose it as a Christmas Gift?

The Gomexus Reel Power Knob is an excellent Christmas gift choice if the person you’re gifting it to already has the Gomexus jigging reel. It can make their fishing experience livelier and is also laser engravable and more personalized.

4. Gomexus Titanium Reel Stand 44mm TR6

Product Description

If you, your family, or a friend has a Gomexus Jigging Reel, it needs to also have a Gomexus Reel Stand to protect it from touching the ground. The reel stand is robust, built from titanium, and equipped with a compression load feature to make it withstand a considerable amount of weight. This also makes it highly resistant to the salty water of the sea and therefore can last for years.

Gomexus Titanium Reel Stand 44mm TR6


  • Built from titanium for lasting durability.
  • Offers protection to your reel for years to come.
  • Compatible with Shimano and Daiwa reels.
  • Provides easy installation.

Why Choose it as a Christmas Gift?

If you want to make a lasting impression or show a friend or family that you’ll always be available for them, you can do so by gifting them this Gomexus Reel Stand. Its robust construction can signify the durability of your friendship, which is why it’s a perfect Christmas gift for the festivities.

5. Gomexus DIY Aluminum Star Drag for Shimano

Product Description

Any experienced angler will concur that achieving better castability is much easier with a star drag than with a lever drag. The Gomexus Star Drag is designed with a spool that frequently spins freely. You can use it to tighten your drag progressively and quietly.

Gomexus DIY Aluminum Star Drag for Shimano

This star drag is an upgrade for Shimano, having been forged from airplane-grade aluminum. It allows the fingers to quickly and easily adjust to suit the ideal fishing posture. The hexagonal design gives it about 5.4 grams, making it much lighter than and more elegant than other star drags. If looking to make your angler buddy or family excited this Christmas season, get them this Gomexus Star Drag.  


  • Hexagonal design weighing only 5.4g.
  • Built with aero-plane grade aluminum for extra durability.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy design.
  • Offers quick and easy adjustment of the fingers.
  • Easy installation.

Why Choose it as a Christmas Gift?

This Christmas, you need to make just a small impression that will last a lifetime by gifting your friends and loved ones with this Gomexus Star Drag. It’s a great inclusion to have for any angler to make their fishing experience seamless when battling with big fish. Plus, the star drag comes with elegant color additions to make it more appealing.


The Christmas festivity is finally here and it’s the season we get the only chance to make a lasting impression with gifts. Gomexus recognizes this and that’s why we’ve availed our Gomexus Christmas sale early this year.

Spend up to $89 on selected Gomexus fishing gear and get a free creative gift box to make your Christmas gift more presentable!