Gomexus Metal Cyberbait Guide

Gomexus Metal Cyberbait Guide

For fishermen, the quest for the perfect bait is never-ending. Gomexus cyberbait, the world's first CNC metal glidebait, promises to take the fishing experience to the next level, with its cutting-edge design and advanced features, it has taken the fishing world by storm.

Distinct from conventional plastic swimbait, which is prone to surface damage, our 7xxx series aluminum alloy cyberbait offers superior durability and resilience compared to its plastic counterpart. Besides, the advanced features of Gomexus Cyberbait are the availability of a lip, three tail thicknesses, and the innovative "X-Stretch" dual-segment adjustable function. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve deeper into these features and their practical applications.

The Lip: Fine-Tuning the Lure's Action

The lip, positioned at the front of the Gomexus Cyberbait, plays a crucial role in fine-tuning the lure's action and swimming depth.

Bigbait Diving Scenario: The tongue plate is particularly useful when fishing with larger baits, enabling the lure to dive to depths of approximately 1 meter. The diving depth is influenced by both the water's current speed and the angler's retrieval speed.

Tail Thickness Variations: Key of Regulating Swim Patterns

The Gomexus Cyberbait comes with three tail thickness options, each tailored to achieve a specific swimming pattern.

Thin Tail

A thin tail promotes a gentle, undulating S-shaped swimming pattern. This pattern is ideal for mimicking smaller, more elusive baitfish, which are often the target of predatory fish. The subtle movements of the thin tail are less likely to spook cautious fish, making it an excellent choice for fishing in clear or shallow waters.

Medium Tail

The medium tail strikes a balance between subtlety and action. It generates a more moderate S-shaped swimming pattern, with enough movement to attract attention but not too much to frighten off fish. This tail thickness is a great all-rounder, suitable for a wide range of fishing conditions and target species.

Thick Tail

A thick tail creates a dynamic and aggressive swimming pattern. As the lure moves through the water, the thick tail slashes back and forth, generating a loud splashing sound and a vibrant, erratic swimming motion. This not only attracts fish from a greater distance but also stimulates their predatory instincts. The additional movement and noise are particularly effective for targeting larger, more aggressive fish species.

X-Stretch Technology: Match Different Fishing Scenarios

The "X-Stretch" dual-segment adjustable function is a game-changer, allowing anglers to customize the lure's length to match different fishing scenarios.

Short Setting

This setting is ideal for fishing in confined spaces or around structures. It provides a compact profile, making the lure easier to maneuver and less prone to snagging. The recommended retrieval method is a steady, even speed, with the rod kept parallel to the water surface.

Medium Setting 

The medium setting is perfect for general fishing conditions. It offers a balance between casting distance and sensitivity, allowing the lure to be cast further while maintaining a natural swimming pattern. The retrieval method remains similar to the short setting.

Long Setting 

The long setting is designed for targeting fish in open water or at greater depths. The extended length of the lure provides a wider swimming pattern, attracting fish from a larger area. When using this setting, a faster retrieval speed or a stop-and-go technique is recommended. Additionally, the rod should be angled at a 45-60° angle from the water surface to achieve optimal results.


Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, the Gomexus Cyberbait will transform your fishing adventures. Its adjustable lip, three tail thicknesses, and revolutionary X-Stretch function are like having a personal bait customizer in your pocket. No longer will you have to guess which lure will work best; with Gomexus Cyberbait, you can dial in the perfect presentation for any condition or species.

So, grab your tackle box, strap on your waders, and head out to the water armed with the Gomexus Cyberbait. Let the revolution in fishing begin, and may your lines be tight and your catches plentiful!