Gomexus transparent power knob tpe s20 red
Gomexus reel handle with transparent power knob tpe s20
Gomexus transparent power knob tpe s20 red
Gomexus reel handle with transparent power knob tpe s20
Gomexus transparent power knob tpe s20 red
Gomexus reel handle with transparent power knob tpe s20

Gomexus Transparent Power Knob TPE-S20

Sale price$9.99
Color:Transparent Red

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Power Knob

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Reel Handle

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Reel Stand

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  • 【FINESSE TOUCH KNOB】Different from the EVA material on the market, GOMEXUS S20 green power knob is made of special TPE material and reinforced nylon skeleton, which is not easy to age and has a long service life, and it is an environmentally friendly material. The uneven skin texture on the surface can increase friction, and the fingers will not feel sticky.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT & NON-SLIP】We know that weight and slip resistance are one of your most concerned issues. The GOMEXUS power knob adopts ergonomic design, and the fingers will have a strong sense of fit and grip. The product weighs only about 0.18oz/5.2g and easy to carry. Perfect finger fit, even if it is stained with fish mucus, it will not slip.
  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】The contact place of the hand is sunken, combined with the bulging body of the fingers, the contact area is larger, and it is more comfortable to use, labor-saving, and not squeezed. Even if you fish for a long time, there will be no finger pain.


  • TPE surface, non-slip even your hand is wet
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings 
  • Multiple colors are available 
  • Easy to install
  • Fits to the shape of the fingers


  • Weight: 0.18oz/5.2g
  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Material: TPE


  • 1 x Single power knob


★ Direct Fitment ★  

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  • 08 11 Biomaster 1000-5000
  • Vanquish 1000 - 4000
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
D. Togo

Thick, strong, carbon fiber and the knobs are soft to touch but not too soft so they seem they will last. The knobs are supported by quality stainless steel bearings. You can take them off and replace or oil the bearings if it ever became necessary.

abe G.

I will report it because it can be installed normally.
Also, the knob is like a punyopunyo in the image, but it is hard at all. If you flip it with a knob or finger, it will spin around! As for the parts, spacers and screws are included in the box below the product, so don't do it! A carbon handle that can be bought for less than 3000 yen is a great deal! Recommended dish. If you want to make the Steez body stand out, I think this black is definitely good.


Since it is a crank handle, will it hit the star drag? I thought I would scrape it if it hits, but I was able to install it without hitting the star drag with the attached adjustment washer.There is little shape, and the knobs can be gripped firmly, which is cool!
It's natural because it's cranked, but if you hold it near the base of the knob, your fingers may hit the crank part, but
it's cool, so it's good.


It's light and cool, and the knob bearings are smooth and awesome.I want to buy two more.

saul garcia

I wanted an 85mm carbon handlebar for the ALC-BF7, so I didn't intend to use this knob, but I was surprised at the quality when I put it on and turned it.This is the first handle that keeps rotating silently. At first glance, I thought that the knob material would be sticky or slippery, but everything was just right.It's not good if you don't slip, so it's the best balance in various ways. Even if you grab it casually, it fits nicely and is lighter than anything else.