Hunter Nodae | Tallahassee, Florida | Gomexus

Hunter Nodae | Tallahassee, Florida

🐟 Favorite Fish: Popper
🐟 Favorite Reel: Daiwa Alphas Air TW

🐟 Favorite Fishing Moment: Spent three days on Lake Okeechobee not catching fish while all my friends were doing awesome, I did everything they did. Then on the last day I grabbed a jig that my best friend gave me before he went to Japan for four years, immediately caught the biggest fish of the day.

🐟 Bio 🐟

Hunter Nodae is born and raised as a Florida fishermanwho has yet to not like any style of fishing. As well as a college angler who’s into the little details of every bit of fishing.

Instagram: the.hunterfisher