Best Reels for Grouper Fishing in Florida in Winter

Best Reels for Grouper Fishing in Florida in Winter

Grouper fishing in Florida is one of the best fun activities. What many people don't realize is that grouper fishing in Florida doesn't need to be extremely difficult given the right tackle, techniques, and equipment such as Gomexus fishing reels.

Groupers are usually so plentiful that you'll never have to go out of your way to find them using simple techniques and equipment. If you've ever wanted to add another outing to your yearly schedule, then this article is a must-read!

Best Reels for Grouper Fishing in Florida in Winter

Best Reels for Grouper Fishing in Florida in Winter
The Gomexus Reel Series is one of the most popular lines of a slow-speed reel with a wide selection of reels and accessories to accompany them. It is designed for the inshore/ offshore angler who demands durability and performance in a lightweight reel that can take on most inshore species.
The Gomexus fishing reels are designed to maximize performance and reliability. Its black oxide finish with stainless accents creates a durable yet modern feel. Moreover, the low-drag ball-bearing system produces smooth, effortless reel movements that are sure to catch your favorite fish.
Since Gomexus has a wide selection of reels to match every user’s needs, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for grouper fishing during winter. Below, we have mentioned two of the best Gomexus reels for grouper fishing in Florida during winter.

1.Gomexus Slow Pitch Jigging Reel LX50

Gomexus Slow Pitch Jigging Reel LX50
The Gomexus Slow Pitch Jigging Reels LX50 has a slim body making this reel perfect for rigging deep drop shot rigs used for goliath grouper fishing. Its high line capacity of 350 yards of 30 lb. makes the GOMEXUS LX50 Jigging Reel ideal for winter grouper fishing and catching fish such as striped bass, snappers, and flounder among other saltwater species.
Additionally, this reel features a one-piece construction for the best strength-to-weight ratio. Other features include a carbon drag system, 9BB+2RBB bearings, and a narrow high-capacity spool design.
The carbon fiber drags ensure smoothness, first-rate stopping power, and high wear resistance.
On the other hand, the narrow spool design makes it easier to control when reeling in a big fish. The large strong gear shift increases torque.
The Gomexus Slow Pitch Jigging Reel LX50 is made with corrosion-resistant aluminum, is lightweight, easy to use, and has a comfortable soft touch power knob.

2.Gomexus Saltwater Trolling Reel HX30, HX50, HX80

Gomexus Saltwater Trolling Reel HX30, HX50, HX80
Another first-rate Gomexus reel is the Saltwater Trolling Reel HX series. It features a unique design, 9 shielded stainless ball bearings, CNC machine-cut aluminum frame spool, and an HT100 carbon fiber drag system. The HT100 drag system allows a smoother operation and eliminates hesitation.
The Gomexus Saltwater Trolling fishing reel series, as is name implies, is designed for saltwater trolling. It is made with a corrosion-resistant aluminum body; hence, it is suitable for a variety of winter grouper fishing situations.
In addition, this Gomexus reel series features a stainless gear shift box, which ensures durable and tough performance especially during heavy tasks.
All these features play a vital role by offering strength and reliability. Therefore, this reel series is ideal for long-range fishing and grouper fishing in Florida.

What Is the Best Time to Catch Grouper? 

Grouper season starts in February and ends later in November. As a rule of thumb, the earlier you can take advantage of the fish, the better. Grouper are among the earliest grouper to show up in South Florida waters.
These small warm water species tend to live in near-shore waters where they may be found on or near wrecks or piers, rocky reefs, and around bridge pilings and old sea walls.
But when is the best time to catch grouper in Florida? Grouper fishing along the beaches, in shallow bays, and in estuaries can be successful throughout the year. However, grouper is most prolific during the months of June through October.
Keep in mind that when catching these fish know their principal habitats and how best to locate them. For instance, during the mentioned season, you can find grouper moving around estuaries, bays, and inlets. After that, they would gradually start migrating toward rivers.

Tips for Fishing for Grouper

Tips for Fishing for Grouper

Below are tips on how to fish for Grouper hassle-free:
1. Evaluate a feeding grouper location
This is the most important tip and is what causes most anglers to go home without a catch. Before heading to the waters, understand that grouper can be found at various locations. Grouper mostly hides on oyster beds, mangroves, bridges, and grass flats. The feeding location will also depend on the season.
2. Always try to use live bait
Live baits make grouper fishing much easier since it moves. Hence, they attract the grouper species faster. You can use live bait such as live sardines, live mullets, or live shrimp. This will all depend on where you are fishing. On the other hand, some anglers have proven that you can also use artificial lures if they are attractive enough to lure in the fish.
3. Use the best gear for grouper fishing
Make sure to use the best gear when going grouper fishing. You can check some of the best reels for grouper fishing above.
4. Don’t make too much noise
Grouper can easily be scared off, even with the slightest noise. So be careful when fishing. Do not speak loudly or walk loudly on your boat as it could scare them off.
5.Try nearshoring for winter grouper fishing
Many fish tend to move closer to shore or inshore during winter. As a result, this is a great way to catch quality fish in Florida during the cold season.


By now, you are aware of the best reels for grouper fishing in Florida during winter, the best time to catch grouper, and tips for fishing for grouper. Grouper fishing can be a fun and rewarding experience when done properly. As you have seen above, it is not rocket science and you do not need a fancy boat to fish during the winter. To be successful in grouper fishing, focus on the best time, season, location, and use the best gear.